Is it easy to change a boat prop?

Is it easy to change a boat prop?

Changing a boat propeller is a lot easier than most folks think. So here’s a step-by-step run-down on how to get that old prop off, and put a new one on. Note: as you remove each part place it in a safe place, lined up with the other parts, in order or removal. That way, you’ll know the order each part goes back on.

Is it hard to change a boat propeller?

Whether you want to swap propellers, replace a damaged one, inspect the oil seal or remove debris, replacing an outboard propeller is pretty simple. No special tools are needed to get the job done. An outboard prop swap/reinstall can usually be done in a matter of minutes.

How do you change a Mercury propeller?

All you need to do is:

  1. Pry back the locking tabs of the lock-nut retainer.
  2. Remove the propeller using a prop wrench (and a wooden block to keep the prop from spinning).
  3. Lubricate the prop shaft and reinstall the thrust washer.
  4. Slide the new prop/hub assembly and the lock-nut retainer onto the prop shaft.

What is a propeller puller?

This is a plate puller, with one plate behind the prop and the other at the end of the shaft to provide the pulling base. The plate puller is excellent for removing larger 3 and 4 blade props. Walter Propeller Pullers simple design can be used underwater! Four sizes to suit nearly every 2 to 5 bladed propeller.

What are the parts of a prop puller made of?

The threaded rods, pivot pins and handle are manufactured using the finest stress proof steels available. The shaft end of the puller has a recess to captivate and hold the propeller shaft in the center of the tool so it can’t slip off while in use.

How do you remove the prop from a boat propeller?

Works by screwing puller on to end of shaft and hitting the puller with a hammer. The vibrations the puller causes the prop to back off. Great to put in your weekend tool kit. Hitting the Harmonic puller vibrates the shaft so loosening the prop, see video of a inboard with traditional shaft.

How much does it cost to pull a prop?

Even the straight puller can use a smart bang with a hammer to move a stubborn prop. Some recommend heat but this can be unwise. The prop may be able to handle it but anything close by like shaft glans, strut bearings may get damaged. Bertram 31 forum Which has a discussion about the puller in the picture The cheapest puller on the market. $40