Is it okay to not like AOT?

Is it okay to not like AOT?

So yes, its fine to not enjoy AOT. Unless you’re in a group of gatekeepers or the ‘hardcore’ anime fans, just like whatever anime you like, I personally like AOT but it has flaws and I understand why other people might not like it. But yeah there isn’t anything bad about not liking AOT.

Why do people don’t like AOT ending?

Originally Answered: Why do some people dislike the ending of Attack on Titan? Because they had a different vision and different expectations from the actual ending. Many people wanted Eren to survive this and end up a hero saving the world. Done wanted a happy ending for Mikasa and Eren.

Why is AOT so overrated?

For reasons ranging from poor pacing and an unsatisfying plot, Attack on Titan is not as great as people make it seem. Attack on Titan is just one of the most overrated anime of all time, and a cursory examination will prove that it really doesn’t deserve all the hype. Also, obviously, MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does AOT get boring?

In my opinion it’s not boring at all, far from it. It has amazing animations and the plot is super interesting. There’s so much action going on it’s not close to being boring.

Why is AOT ending so sad?

The romantic nature between Mikasa and Eren came way too out of left field and Mikasa herself felt sorely underdeveloped as a character. Such a weak character and relationship being the pivotal cause in a final twist deeply hurts the ending.

Is AOT a love story?

Attack on Titan’s final chapter makes it clear that for all the horror the series is known for, a dark kind of love defines it in the end.

Is AOT season 1 boring?

Season one had some boring episodes, but fortunately, season two had just some boring parts here and there. However, season two had less episodes with the main characters, which was kind of annoying. Also, the titans got worse in season two, weirder in a way, but that could have been just a story thing.

Which AOT season is the best?

I’d say the first season was the best. This is true for a large portion of anime. You got to see how many of the characters grow and become who they are, and it truly felt like hell. The first season had a vibe that drew me in, similar to the first seasons of Tokyo Ghoul or Sword Art Online.

Why is AOT so popular?

Attack on Titan’s popularity can be considered to be a product of several factors; storyline and setting, characters and character building, the mainstream media, animation and longevity, the success of the manga and international appeal.

Is AOT sad?

Whether it’s the manga or the anime, there is no shortage of sad moments from Attack on Titan. Whether it’s the manga or the anime, there is no shortage of sad moments from this masterpiece. Attack on Titan is a punch in the gut right from the start that never lets up.

Why do people hate attack on Titan?

Every freaking character in AOT is just so dull and boring that after the first two seasons or only one do they become horribly developed. Eren Jaeger is easily one of the worst anime protagonists of all time after Sh

How do fans feel about the ending of attack on Titan?

With the ending of Attack on Titan finally reached, fans are split on how to feel about it. Some offer praise, particularly for the tear-inducing reference to an earlier moment between Eren and Mikasa.

How different is attack on Titan from other Shounen anime?

All the characters in attack on titan are very, very different from regular shounen anime. Have you ever seen a female protagonist like Mikasa who is stronger than the main character and is constantly rescuing him (its usually the other way around)?

Does the author of attack on Titan know Eren’s least favorite character?

The author knows. Isayama Hajime, the author of attack on titan said that Eren was his least favorite character because of how he is. But Isayama said this about a year ago.