Is Judi Dench an Everton fan?

Is Judi Dench an Everton fan?

Dame Judy Dench. The Oscar-winning actress and all-round good egg is an avowed Evertonian and honorary patron of the club’s official charirty, Everton In The Community.

What football team does Sylvester Stallone support?

Everton are the club of many celebrities around the world, with movie stars such as Sylvester Stallone proudly sporting their Everton colours and Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden showing her support whenever she can.

Are Everton a Catholic club?

Everton are the Protestant team and play in blue at Goodison Park. You refer to Liverpool FC as the Catholic team and Everton FC as protestant.

What team does Mick Jagger support?

Mick Jagger The Rolling Stones lead singer has been an Arsenal fan for over 50 years, and the 78-year-old still gets down to the Emirates whenever he can.

Are there more Everton fans in Liverpool?

Liverpool has more fans worldwide than Everton and one of the most popular clubs in the world.

Do Scousers consider themselves English?

Scousers do view themselves as English. No kid brought up playing football in the shadow of Anfield or Goodison Park is likely to decline a call up to the English national side if one came.

Who does Gerard Butler support?

In 2011 Butler played in a charity match for Celtic F.C., a football club he has supported since childhood. A year later he represented Celtic in a Hollywood film, starring as a “has-been” player in Playing for Keeps.

What happened to the Blue Kipper website?

But, after 15 years of interviews, articles, photos – and lively dinners – the Blue Kipper website is closing down at the end of this month. There’s no conspiracy. No controversy. Just a lot of sadness – and fondness for an Everton institution. As founder Steve Jones explained: “We’re all getting older and want to do other things with our time.

Does Blue Kipper ever sail close to the wind?

There are times Blue Kipper has sailed very close to the wind. “We used to arrange travel to away games,” explained Steve. “And in 2007 we wanted to charter a plane to take fans to Kharkiv in Ukraine. “As far as I know there were only two planes making the trip specifically for the Europa League match – the Everton official party and ourselves.

Who was the bluekipper Starman for 2009?

We especially enjoyed having 600 Toffees in The Olympia seeing Phil Jagielka crowned as The Bluekipper Starman for 2009 with Graeme Sharp, Pat Nevin, Graham Stuart, Derek Mountfield, Joe Parkinson, Kevin Ratcliffe, Dan Gosling, and Dave Hickson in attendance. A fantastic experience.”