Is maseno a good University?

Is maseno a good University?

It is one of public universities in Kenya. It has over 10,000 students pursuing programs offered in the university campuses and it is currently ranked among the best universities in Kenya. It is located in Maseno Township along Kisumu-Busia road, 25 km from Kisumu City and 400 km west of Nairobi.

Does Maseno University offer engineering courses?

Master of Engineering | Maseno University |

How many campuses does Maseno University have?

four Campuses
Maseno University currently has four Campuses, a College and a Constituent College. Maseno Main Campus is in Maseno Township 25km from Kisumu on the Busia road. The core activities and central administration of the University takes place on this Campus. Homa Bay Campus is located at the SONYACO Plaza in Homa Bay town.

What county is maseno?

Kisumu county council
Maseno is part of Kisumu county council and Kisumu Rural Constituency. Maseno University has its main campus located in Maseno town. This university is the largest contributor to the economy of Maseno Town.

What is the biggest university in Kenya?

Overall, the largest universities in Kenya led by the UoN have outshone newer institutions such as Maasai Mara and Machakos Universities….Positions of various Institutions in the Kenyan Universities Ranking.

Ranking World rank University
1 987 University of Nairobi
2 1565 Kenyatta University

Which is the leading university in Kenya?

University of Nairobi
2021 Kenyan University Ranking

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# University Town
1 University of Nairobi Nairobi …
2 Kenyatta University Nairobi …
3 Strathmore University Nairobi

Does Maseno University offer degree in education?

Today the faculty prides itself as a fountain of excellence in the field of education training. The Bachelor of Education French and Special Education graduates have continued to draw industry interest and most of them get placement before graduation.

Which courses are offered at Maseno University?

Courses offered at Maseno University

  • B.A in (Criminology ,with IT)
  • B.A in International Relations & Diplomacy (with IT)
  • B.A in Political Science (with IT)
  • B.Ed.
  • B.Ed.(Primary Option, with IT)
  • B.Sc in Computer Science.
  • Bachelor of Arts – with IT.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Archeology and Palaeoanthropology) – with IT.

How do I download my admission letter from Maseno University?

To download your Maseno University admission letter for the academic year 2022/2023 or any other year use the procedure below;

  1. Visit the Maseno University Admission Letter Download Login Portal.
  2. Log in by entering your KCSE index number, eg. xxxxxxxxxxx/2018.
  3. Download and print the admission letter and other documents.

Does Maseno University have a branch in Nairobi?

The Maseno University Nairobi Campus. Maseno University has one of its Campuses located in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. The school itself is located in Maseno Township along Kisumu-Busia road, 25 km from Kisumu City and 400 km west of Nairobi.