Is Mountain Equipment a British company?

Is Mountain Equipment a British company?

The iconic British outdoor brand is not to be confused with Mountain Equipment Co-op, the Canadian outdoor retail co-operative chain in Canada. Mountain Equipment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Outdoor Sports & Company Ltd, based in Hyde, Cheshire, in England.

Is Mountain Equipment good quality?

They are well known and make good gear, clothing and tents. They are probably as much a fashion brand as they are a functional brand. I have owned gear made by both and would not hesitate to buy either brand.

Does Mountain Equipment have a factory shop?

Still focussed on bringing you a full range of outdoor clothing, equipment and accessories from some of the biggest names in the industry, now we’re not just an official factory store for Mountain Equipment, Sprayway and Ron Hill – we are also home to Trekmates, Bridgedale, Go Gas stoves as well as massive brands from …

Where is Mountain Equipment made?

We design products for our owned brands, and we have strategic manufacturing partners in China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Hungary.

What is Mountain Equipment active fit?

ME’s Active fit is loose fitting whilst maintaining a slimkish profile which allows you to get a full range of movement easily whilst not getting snagged on the environment or other pieces of gear such as climbing pieces.

What coats do mountaineers wear?

There are lots of options for mid layers, but some of the classic choices for mountaineering include fleece jackets, soft-shell jackets and soft-shell climbing pants. Fleece jacket: A lightweight fleece jacket is a nice piece to pull on over your long-underwear top when you stop for a break during your approach hike.

Who owns the mountain equipment brand?

Peter Hutchinson
One man was ahead of the game here. Peter had sold Mountain Equipment in 1997, and set up a small factory in an old mill not far from his original farm shack, called Peter Hutchinson Designs (PHD), where he employed local people and made down products in small batches, and as custom-made designs.

Who owns Mountain Equipment?

The legacy of Peter Hutchinson, founder of Mountain Equipment and PHD.

Where did mountain equipment start?

MEC (as a co-operative) was Canada’s largest supplier of outdoor equipment. Following its founding in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1971, MEC expanded across Canada and grew to operate stores in 20 cities.

What is Alpine fit mountain equipment?

Designed to map the contours of your body, the Alpine Fit cuts down on weight and bulk whilst affording complete unhindered movement. It features a new ‘reverse-camber’ centre front seam which naturally pulls the front half of the jacket around your body, minimising ‘bagging’ when leaning over.

Why choose Mountain Equipment?

Established in 1968, Mountain Equipment combines the best outdoor products from around the world with very experienced staff who all share a passion for travel and adventure. Our pursuits of all forms of climbing, hiking, canyoning, trail running, slacklining and travel let us actively explore the planets wilderness, cultures and heritage.

What gear do I need for mountaineering?

A warm and highly mobile fleece jacket for cold weather mountaineering and ski touring. A warm and highly mobile fleece jacket for cold weather mountaineering and ski touring. Robust and wind resistant stretch trousers for year round trekking and mountaineering missions.

Where can I buy the best climbing gear in Australia?

BEST SELLERS Discover the best climbing gear from brands you can trust at Mountain Equipment, including climbing ropes, rock climbing shoes, and more. We have one of Australia’s biggest ranges of La Sportiva rock climbing shoes. Our expert staff can help you discover products you’ll love.

What is the best selling equipment from the Outdoor Research store?

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