Is Orange Glo discontinued?

Is Orange Glo discontinued?

Orange Glo Wood Cleaner and Polish-Discontinued.

Does Walmart have Orange Glo?

Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Polish, Orange Scent, 32oz Bottle –

What happened Orange Glo?

On Monday, the two companies announced that Church & Dwight would acquire Greenwood Village- based Orange Glo, maker of OxiClean and Kaboom, for $325 million. Orange Glo’s products are sold in supermarkets and other retail stores, including Wal- Mart.

Is Orange Glo good for hardwood floors?

Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner is a water-based, non-toxic cleaner that will clean dirt and grime from your floors, leaving them looking shiny and new. Along with using it on your floors, you can also use it on cabinets, wood furniture, paneling, and other hardwood surfaces throughout your home.

What company makes Orange Glo?

Church & Dwight
Orange Glo International was acquired by Church & Dwight, Co for $325M on Jul 17, 2006 .

What can you use Orange Glo for?

Orange Glo® removes grease, wax and accumulated dirt and revitalizes wood. Best of all it gives wood a brilliant luster that fills the air with the scent of fresh oranges. Easy to use plastic spray bottle – requires no aerosol propellants.

Who makes Orange Glo?

Church & Dwight, Co

Is Mop and Glo good for wood floors?

Mop & Glo will discolor your wood floors over time. Cleaning up the Mop & Glo is just like cleaning up the Orange Glo. Like all acrylic cleaning products, Mop & Glo is tricky to dissolve. We do not recommend using Mop & Glo or any other acrylic cleaning polishes on your sealed hardwood floors.

Is Orange Glo the same as orange oil?

Welcome, to Orange Glo®, Canada’s favourite Orange Oil wood polish and conditioner. Orange Glo® is a high quality wood conditioner, cleaner and polish made from the natural oils found in the peels of oranges.

How often should you use Orange Glo?

Wait at least 12 hours for Orange Glo™ 4-in-1 Monthly Polish to dry before using any cleaner. PLEASE NOTE: Do not use more than once per month; overuse may lead to floor hazing. Do not walk on floor if surface is still wet or tacky.

What is the same as Mop and Glo?

Borax, which is available in most laundry aisles as a detergent booster, preserves shine even on waxed vinyl and won’t require a rinse. Dissolve a few teaspoons of borax powder into a gallon of warm water, then apply the mixture to your vinyl floors with the same type of mop you’d use with Mop & Glo.

Is Mop and Glo OK for wood floors?

We do not recommend using Mop & Glo or any other acrylic cleaning polishes on your sealed hardwood floors. The result will only be a mess. It will be more work to clean up the residue than it was to apply the Mop & Glo!