Is Rip Torn a real name?

Is Rip Torn a real name?

Elmore Rual Torn, Jr.Rip Torn / Full name

Who in The Sopranos was in Goodfellas?

The Sopranos: 10 Actors Who Also Appeared In Goodfellas

  1. 1 Tony Darrow. In Scorsese’s classic gangster flick, Darrow portrayed Sonny, the owner of the Bamboo Lounge.
  2. 2 Tony Lip.
  3. 3 Frank Albanese.
  4. 4 Suzanne Shepherd.
  5. 5 Vincent Pastore.
  6. 6 Tobin Bell.
  7. 7 Frank Vincent.
  8. 8 Tony Sirico.

Why didnt Rip Torn do MIB 3?

Having been arrested for breaking into a bank, Torn was unable to reprise the role of Zed in Men in Black III and the character was subsequently killed off.

Is The Sopranos a spin off of Goodfellas?

The inclusion of Martin Scorsese in “The Sopranos,” a television show whose genre his name is synonymous with, was only the beginning. The influence of “Goodfellas” in Hollywood also had a direct effect on casting “The Sopranos.”

Who played Junior Soprano?

Dominic ChianeseJunior Soprano / Voiced by

Dominic Chianese (Italian pronunciation: [kjaˈneːze; -eːse]; born February 24, 1931) is an American actor, singer, and musician. He is best known for his roles as Corrado “Junior” Soprano on the HBO series The Sopranos (1999–2007), Johnny Ola in The Godfather Part II (1974), and Leander in Boardwalk Empire (2011–2013).

Who are the actors in around the Horn?

Around the Horn (TV Series 2002– ) – IMDb With Tony Reali, Frank Isola, Sarah Spain, Mina Kimes. Tony Reali hosts a fun, irreverent half hour of discussion and debate on sports-related topics.

Who are the actors in the movie The Godfather?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete Robert De Niro James Conway Ray Liotta Henry Hill Joe Pesci Tommy DeVito Lorraine Bracco Karen Hill Paul Sorvino Paul Cicero

What do you think of around the horn on ESPN?

Around the Horn is a pretty good show on espn. It pits four newspaper writers to try to get as many points as they can by giving good comments about the subject. Bad comments mean they lose points. Good concept but I would rather watch four reporters stay for the whole show, but on this show they get voted off if they don’t have enough points.