Is Sengled a Chinese company?

Is Sengled a Chinese company?

Count Sengled among those companies. The China-based company is one of several developing LED technology in what analysts at McKinsey estimate will grow into a $108 billion market by 2020.

Are Sengled lights good?

Sure, the features might not be as robust as many of its competitors, but Sengled is still a quality option for rigging up your home with its first smart lighting system. Full compatibility with the most popular voice assistants and a well-designed, intuitive smartphone app make using Sengled smart light bulbs easy.

What bulbs work with Sengled?

Sengled Zigbee Smart Bulb, Works with SmartThings and Echo with Built-in Hub, Voice Control with Alexa and Google Home, Hub Required, BR30 Dimmable Flood Light Bulb, Soft White 2700K, 6 Pack.

How long do Sengled smart bulbs last?

LED bulbs are really long lasting. Even if you purchase an LED bulb from Sengled you are assured that you’ll have at the least 50,000 hours of life in it. Which is more than most companies in the market can offer. The Sengled Lifetime is our champion when it comes to long lasting LED lights though.

Where is Sengled from?

Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA., Sengled integrates consumer electronics with energy-saving LED lighting, creating products that expand smart home functionality to every room.

Who manufactures Sengled?

Sengled Optoelectronics Co Ltd
Sengled Optoelectronics Co Ltd., manufactures and retails lighting products. The Company offers optoelectronic devices, lighting fixtures, and transformers.

Does Sengled work with Google?

Sengled Smart lights communicate with Google Home devices via compatible Zigbee hubs. Wi-Fi Bulbs connect directly to Google Home devices.

Does Sengled work with Zigbee?

The Sengled Element bulbs also work as semi-generic ZigBee bulbs, so they can connect to Wink or SmartThings hubs instead (once you reset the bulbs). They’re also ready to go with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can operate the bulbs via voice, no matter which hub you choose.

Is Sengled Zigbee?

Sengled Smart Hub acts as a Zigbee-to-Wi-Fi translator for your home network and your lights.

Do smart bulbs ever run out?

Smart bulbs will eventually burn out either through age or use. You can expect a smart bulb to function for between 15 and 25 years or 15,000 and 25,000 hours. This is considerably less than a regular LED bulb that doesn’t have smart functionality.

Do smart bulbs last longer than regular bulbs?

On average, a smart bulb lasts for anywhere between 15 to 25 years or for 15000 to 25000 hours, whichever happens, earlier. So, they can last one entire phase of your life. Since they are made through the use of LED technology, they can last really long but have shorter lifespans than the non-smart LED bulbs.

Who is Sengled?

Sengled GmbH is an international manufacturer of innovative and smart lighting products. We have more than 20 years’ experience in the lighting industry. With developers and designers in Germany, the USA and China and over 200 patents, we are different to other traditional lighting product manufacturers.