Is the Bohai Sea polluted?

Is the Bohai Sea polluted?

Alarmingly high metal concentrations are observed in the waters, sediments and organisms from the western Bohai Bay and the northern Liaodong Bay, especially the coasts near Huludao in the northernmost area of the Bohai Sea, which is being polluted by industrial sewage from the surrounding areas.

Is Bohai Sea international waters?

China claims the Gulf of Bohai (Pohai) and the Hainan (Qiongzhou) Strait as internal waters. The strait is also listed as a major strait in standard collections, and qualifies under UNCLOS as a strait used for international navigation where the right of transit passage applies.

Where is Bohai Sea located?

northern China
The Bohai Sea (Fig. 17.1) is a semi-enclosed continental shelf sea of the NW Pacific Ocean in northern China located between 37°07′N to 41°N and 117°35′E to 121°10′E, and surrounded by land to the north, west, and south.

How deep is the Bohai Sea?

230′Bohai Sea / Max depth

What does the name Bohai mean?

Bohai is Chinese Boy name and meaning of this name is “elder brother sea”.

What is the meaning of Bohai?

Bohai in British English (ˈbɔːˈhaɪ ) or Pohai. noun. a large inlet of the Yellow Sea on the coast of NE China. Also called: Gulf of Chihli. Collins English Dictionary.

Is Bohai a Chinese name?

Balhae, known as Bohai in Chinese, a former mixed Mohe-Goguryeo empire which existed from 698 to 926 in Manchuria.

How does land-based pollution affect the Bohai Sea?

This potential growth was stunted by land-based pollution from upstream provinces and decreasing water resources as well as land reclamation in coastal areas which are likely to further degrade its marine ecosystems and decrease fishery resources. In 2002, the Bohai Sea’s polluted area increased from 24 to 41 percent of the total sea area.

Is there trace metal contamination in the Bohai Sea?

In this review, status of trace metal contamination in the Bohai Sea is assessed based on a comprehensive review of their concentrations recorded in the waters, sediments and organisms over the past decades. Studies show that metal contamination in the Bohai Sea is closely associated with the fast economic growth in the past decades.

What is the Bohai Sea economic zone?

The Bohai Sea Economic Zone, Zhugiang (Pearl) River Delta region and the Changjiang (Yangtsi) River Delta region are China’s three major centers of fast economic growth. As such, the Bohai Sea region, with its growing population and economy, was expected to usher in industrial and urban development.

How big is the Bohai Sea?

The Bohai Sea is often divided into three major bays, namely the Liaodong Bay in the north, the Bohai Bay in the west and the Laizhou Bay in the south, and the remaining area is called the Central Area ( Fig. 1 ). It is approximately 7.7 × 10 4 km 2 in area and 1.7 × 10 3 km 3 in water volume.