Is there a style guide for BuzzFeed?

Is there a style guide for BuzzFeed?

This style guide provides a reference to common words and terms used on BuzzFeed (see: Word List) and information on style issues particular to the site. It is not intended to be a comprehensive manual of grammar and style.

Did You Know you can make your own posts on BuzzFeed?

Did you know you can sign up for a BuzzFeed Community account and create your own BuzzFeed posts? Here’s a handy guide to help you start posting today! Create your own post! This post was created by a member of the BuzzFeed Community. You can join and make your own posts and quizzes.

How do I find specific words in Buzzfeed’s style guide?

This style guide is updated regularly to ensure it remains relevant and responds accordingly to changes in language and common, casual usage. Tip: Use the Find command (ctrl + F; ⌘ + F on a Mac) to search for specific words or topics. BuzzFeed’s preferred dictionary is

What does newsfeed mean on Facebook?

News Feed (Facebook’s News Feed), newsfeed (lowercase, one word for other references) New Wave (film genre), new wave (music genre) nonconsensual sharing of sexual images/video (not revenge porn; see “‘Revenge Porn’ Is Neither Pornography Nor Revenge”)

What type of commas does BuzzFeed use?

• BuzzFeed uses the serial (aka Oxford) comma, e.g., We picked up cyan, magenta, yellow, and black balloons for the party. – When too is used in the sense of “in addition,” use a comma, e.g., Oh, Joe Biden Won Nevada, Too, but omit the comma when too refers to the subject of the sentence, e.g., Oh, you like cats?

How do you format an interview on BuzzFeed?

• When formatting, bold the question BuzzFeed asks (without identification of “BuzzFeed” or editor’s name as interviewer); answers by interviewee are not bolded, but the interviewee’s name is. Use a line space between every question and answer (and answer and answer, if more than one person is being interviewed).