Is there free parking on WSU campus?

Is there free parking on WSU campus?

– Free and reduced rate parking options are available evenings and weekends across the Pullman campus.

Where can I park at WSU?

On your fourth visit to campus during a semester, visitors need to purchase an ePermit or use paid parking in the WSU Parking Garage. Parking in our Parking Garage by the RSC is available at an hourly rate. Levels 2, 3, 4 and second and third ramps are hourly parking at $1.50 per hour, debit/credit card only.

Do you have to pay to park at WSU?

As in the past, you can only park one vehicle on campus at a time per permit….Daily Permit Rates:

Daily Permit Daily Rate
Green $ 8.00
Yellow $ 5.00
Red $ 3.00
Blue $ 2.00

How do I pay for parking at WSU?

Convenient Garage Options These garages are available 24 hours a day and payment is required during posted times. Please pre-purchase your parking from the permit vending machine located in the elevator lobbies. You will need to know your vehicle license plate in order to complete the purchase.

Can freshman have cars at WSU?

Parents often ask if their son or daughter needs a car freshman year, and the short answer is no. WSU and the City of Pullman offer many alternative modes of transportation. Many students who bring cars to campus discover that it is easier to get around without their car, which ends up spending most of its time parked.

How do I pay my WSU parking ticket online?

To make a payment, select the first option. You will need your ticket number, the state in which your vehicle is registered, and your vehicle’s license plate number to make a payment. Payments are accepted by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Can you have a car at WSU?

Residence Hall Parking Information. Students living in residence halls who choose to bring a car to campus purchase Crimson, Gray, or Blue parking permits. Crimson and Gray permits are limited in quantity and are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Can I bring my car to WSU?

Parking permits are required for all vehicles parked overnight at all of our complexes. They are available at no cost from Transportation Services. To receive a permit, you must provide a current vehicle registration indicating that the vehicle belongs to either you or your parents.

Where can I Park for WSU central campus?

Disability Parking for Central Campus is available in the following locations: Fine Arts parking garage. Take the elevator to the 5 th floor for Central Campus. State disability placards or license plates with a current WSU parking permit are required. Smith Center parking garage. Take the elevator to the 3 rd floor for Central Campus.

Where can I Park with a WSU disability permit?

State disability placards or license plates with a current WSU parking permit are valid in disability spaces signed for WSU Disability Permits and any blue, red, yellow, green, orange, gray, and crimson zones, and both on and off-street hourly parking locations. The exception to this is the Terrell Library Parking Garage.

What is the WSU Pullman recreation center?

This award-winning facility is the largest recreation space on the WSU Pullman campus. We have something for everyone and welcome all skill levels. Not sure what you’re looking for? Come on in and request a tour.

Where can I Park on campus?

Central Campus Parking is available 24 hours a day in the Smith Center Garage and the Terrell Library Garage. The Smith Center Garage is located just off Stadium Way near the Fine Arts Building in the middle of campus.