Is Torchlight 2 worth it?

Is Torchlight 2 worth it?

as others have said. yes. Torchlight 2 is very playable even today. it holds up quite well. and is very cheap. I don’t think overall it is quite as good as Path of Exile or Grimdawn. But, again at its price tag, it is very much worth a play. Frontiers will be a very different game.

How to install a mod for Torchlight 2 tutorial?

Installing mods in Torchlight II is simple as long as it’s still in the pre-guts stage. All you have to do is unpack the zipped mode file and drop into the right directory. All mods should go to the PAK directory. The location of this folder varies depending on where you got your game.

How to install synergies mod for Torchlight 2?

Installing a mod for torchlight 2 in the pre-guts stage is a pretty basic drag and drop procedure that involves unpacking a zipped file into a directory. The hardest thing about installing mods for Torchlight 2 pre-guts is knowing where your PAK directory is.

What is the best Torchlight 2 class?

no such thing as “best class”, nor should there be one. this game rocks! From the looks of it, by best, you mean easiest. Just like in WOW, it was the Hunter. Just like in Diablo 3 it was the Demon Hunter. In TL2 it’s the Outlander.

Is Torchlight 2 fun to play solo?

yes, you can definatly get your moneys worth from this solo and if u ever get bored of playing alone you can always join/host a game. theres also lots of mods on the workshop to play around with #4 myhahalo View ProfileView Posts Jul 15, 2013 @ 12:20am The game focus on Fun, so there is alot of fun to be had.

How do I fish in Torchlight 2?

Fishing Hole (Unlimited casts,located in the main town of each act)

  • Promising Fishing Hole (Usually located in an overland area)
  • Secret Fishing Hole (Usually located in an overland area,contains special fish,items,tags,and collars)