Top 8 Fundamental AWS Services That Can Enhance Your Business Process

Top 8 Fundamental AWS Services That Can Enhance Your Business Process

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In today’s era, cloud computing platforms are trending, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a giant player in this field which offers more than 200 universally featured resources which includes everything from infrastructure to learning machines. This combination helps the application to perform in an optimum way and provides maximum usability.

These services are very concrete and are as per requirement. They offer all three, software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service.

AWS Developed Ops has several benefits like it is scalable as well as flexible which fits into different businesses very easily. AWS offers enhanced productivity in lower capital investment. This states that one should hire aws developers  specifically to get quality and fruitful work.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of using the AWS services:

  1. AWS provides more features and solutions in comparison to any other service provider.
  2. It is one of the cost-saving options in terms of hardware.
  3. It has a smooth infrastructure to rely upon.
  4. AWS has quick up-gradation and innovation in comparison to others.
  5. The IT resources used in AWS are very flexible and scalable.
  6. One of the benefits of AWS is the service of instant upscaling and downscaling.
  7. The important resources are positioned very quickly in AWS.
  8. Amazon has a vast network that hosts global data centers which ultimately reduces the latency.

Overall AWS offers multiple benefits in comparison to others.

Below listed are some of the Amazon AWS web development services which are trending and one can choose for their business in 2020:

  1. Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)

-It is a cloud platform offered by Amazon to provide resizable and secure compute capacity. Although there are many pre-configured templates of instances in the form of AMIs (Amazon Machine Image) , more can be easily configured looking at the requirements of the business.

Benefits of EC2 are listed down:

-Payment on an hourly basis

-Very easily scalable

-Terminates the requirement to set up the physical servers.

-Resistibility and security

-Rapid development & deployment of applications

-Complete control of computing resources as it’s easily integrated with other devices.

  1. Amazon RDS (Relational Database Services)

The name itself denotes that this service makes database management easy in the cloud along with its configuring and easy scaling.

-These databases can easily be operated on magnetic storage as well and additionally support Oracle, Amazon Aurora, My SQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, and other similar database engines which ultimately is very cost-effective.

Benefits of Amazon RDS are listed below:

a) It is highly scalable and easily resizable

b) Software patching is automatic

c)Lower burden of administration

d)Very cost-effective

e) Committed instances for databases in a short period

3)Amazon Lambda

-It is also known as Function-as-a-service (FaaS). Here, one has to barely upload the code virtually for any kind of service and Lambda manages the rest and provides precise scaling and sizable availability.

-By using Lambda AWS, one can easily execute the code without the requirement of any server. It supports all kinds of cloud hosting services.

Benefits of Amazon Lambda are listed below :

a) It follows the pay per run-rule

b) It does not require any server to manage

c)It controls management overhead and sorts out any kind of complexity.

d)No need for administration

e) It supports auto-scaling of applications

4) Amazon VPC (Virtual Private)

-This was developed by Amazon to provide an extra layer of security from online threats and breaches. This cloud computing service provides the cybersecurity of the business.

-This extra layer of security keeps the data safe and accessible to only those who need it. It creates a space for people who are authorized to access the data so that no unknown person can interfere with the database without the required authorization.

Benefits of Amazon VPC are listed below:

a) The database and important information are free of any kind of exposure

b) There is complete control over the virtual environment of networking.

c)Protected accessibility of information.

d)It facilitates the possible VPN connections to a corporate network.

5) Amazon SNS(Simple Notification Service)

-It is a fully controlled messaging solution with a very low infrastructure cost and allows to send notifications to the users on any platform- computer or phone.

-It facilitates the communication of the users and the customers through app-to-person or system-to-system communication.

-It helps to send texts, emails, simple queue services, and HTML endpoint messages.

The benefits of using Amazon SNS are listed below:

a) It is a fully managed service

b) It keeps the database safe and secure

c)It integrates with all types of applications like JavaScript, Python, PHP.

d) It requires comparatively low-cost infrastructure for bulk messaging.

e) The message durability is high over here.

6) Amazon Lex (Conversational Interfaces)

-It is a service supported by Artificial Intelligence and helps in developing conversational interfaces in both the forms-text as well as voice.

-The inbuilt technologies are- Natural language understanding (NLU) & Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

-One can easily build, test, and deploy the chatbots to communicate with their users. It supports creating applications that highly engage the users.

The benefits of using Amazon Lex are listed below:

a) It is easily scalable and that too automatically.

b) The interactions are meaningful c)Due to deep algorithms the interactions are sophisticated as well.

d)One is charged for the speech of text requests only.

7) Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

-This service is specifically for businesses that are all about data only. Here the data is stored in their data centers in a region which consequently protects the data from errors, threats, and failures.

-It is a triple-redundant scalable data storage that can be used by all sizes of businesses. One can access the data anytime and can classify, manage, and report it.

Benefits of Amazon S3 are listed below:

a) secure infrastructure.

b) High performance and data availability

c)Data control at a granular level

d)Data transfer in the simplest way

e) Support of backup and recovery

f) Easily integrable with third-party applications.

g) The management features are very easy-to-use

8) Amazon Dynamo DBS (NoSQL Cloud Database)

-It is another system that can be operated without a server. It supports high-performing and scale-driven applications.

-As it follows document and key-value storage models, it is an apt service for mobile apps, gaming, and ad-tech.

The benefits of using Amazon Dynamo DBS are listed below:

a) It is serverless and fast.

b) The response time is extremely fast in a single-digit millisecond.

c)It is a fully managed in-memory cache.

d)It supports critical workloads.


The above details clearly state that the Amazon Web services provide the ultimate services to businesses by facilitating continuous innovation and the data migration on the cloud. It helps the business to achieve its goals most effectively without spending a hefty amount on infrastructure management and capital investment in the hardware.

The users only pay the amount for exactly what they use. But one should understand that all the services of AWS do not have an appropriate match with each other, so one should have deep knowledge and understanding about the AWS so that they can decide upon which combination of AWS will work best for them to fulfill the purpose of the business.