Was Marilyn Monroe on drugs during Some Like It Hot?

Was Marilyn Monroe on drugs during Some Like It Hot?

The actress had overdosed on Seconal and champagne. About half-way through Some Like It Hot, there’s a scene that everything in the film has been driving toward—the seduction of Monroe by Curtis.

Why was Marilyn Monroe fired from her last movie?

Monroe, who hadn’t made a film in 18 months, was consistently late or absent for days at a time; illness was the usual excuse. Director George Cukor shot around her, filming scenes with her co-stars, but after 30 days of production, 17 of which she had missed, she was fired.

Was Marilyn Monroe difficult in Some Like It Hot?

Marilyn Monroe had a reputation for being difficult to work with. The Some Like It Hot set did nothing to dispel that legacy. One thing that made it harder for the screen siren was the fact she learned she was pregnant and, having had a miscarriage before, was concerned about the health of her new baby.

How much did Marilyn weigh in Some Like It Hot?

While these documents suggest that her weight was a constant 117-120lbs, she was actually much heavier during the late 1950s, for example, the Some Like It Hot premiere on March 29, 1959 (below). Some have speculated she weighed close to 140 lbs at this point.

Was Marilyn Monroe married at the time of her death?

The glamorous Hollywood star was not only beautiful, but she was also romantically linked to some of the most admired men of her time. When Marilyn Monroe died at just 36 years old, it shocked the world. Monroe had married the legendary playwright Arthur Miller — before tying the knot with baseball god Joe DiMaggio.

What was Clark Gable’s last movie?

The Misfits (1961)
Gable’s final film, John Huston’s The Misfits (1961), was his best in many years and features one of Gable’s finest performances, but it is a film clouded by tragedy.

Was Marilyn Monroe pregnant during filming?

The facts in this situation are actually quite simple: Had Marilyn Monroe been pregnant in 1960 fans would know. She became pregnant three times: In the summer of 1956 while filming The Prince and The Showgirl, again in the summer of 1957, and her final pregnancy was during the filming of Some Like It Hot in 1958.

What did Marilyn Monroe weigh at her heaviest?

1959 – Marilyn’s Personal Cocktail Dress At this point in her life, Marilyn was at her heaviest, with some speculating she weighed nearly 140lbs. Even still, when displayed on the dress form, her waist measured an astonishing 28.5 inches.