What are dipterocarp forests?

What are dipterocarp forests?

The dominant forest type in the Mindanao lowlands and the rest of the Philippines was dipterocarp forest. This group of trees is known as Philippine mahogany in the timber trade. This forest type occurred from sea level to elevations of 400 m or higher. Individual dipterocarps occur to 1,500 m.

How many dipterocarp species are there in the Philippines?

I analysed vegetation data from the Leyte Cordillera on the island of Leyte, Philippines, to document the occurrence and habitat distribution of dipterocarp species. A total of 18 species belonging to the six Philippine dipterocarp genera and representing all eight Philippine dipterocarp timber groups were encountered.

What is shorea used for?

It is used as an astringent in Ayurvedic medicine, burned as incense in Hindu ceremonies, and used to caulk boats and ships. Sal seeds and fruit are a source of lamp oil and vegetable fat. The seed oil is extracted from the seeds and used as cooking oil after refining.

What is lowland dipterocarp?

Dipterocarp forests carpet the Borneo lowlands forming a green expanse composed of a high number of plant species. As many as 240 different tree species can grow within 1 hectare. These plants typically wind themselves around their host tree, eventually covering and killing it.

What is lowland dipterocarp forest?

Dipterocarp forests are far from uniform across Borneo. In areas below 150 metres, lowland dipterocarp forests often contain many trees from the legume family and massive strangler fig plants. Many aromatic kapur trees (Dryobalanops species) are found growing in the coarse, sandy soil on moderate slopes.

What are the different types of forest in the Philippines?

The Philippines has six types of forest:

  • Mangrove Forest.
  • Beach Forest.
  • Molave Forest.
  • Dipterocarp Forest.
  • Pine Forest.
  • Mossy Forest.

Which national park is famous for Sala trees?

This forested area in the Shivalik foothills is covered primarily with sal with smattering of Semul, Amaltas and Bahera trees as well….

Kalesar National Park
District Yamunanagar district
• Type Government of Haryana
• Body Forests Department, Haryana

What is the meaning of dipterocarp?

Definition of dipterocarp : any of a family (Dipterocarpaceae) of tall hardwood tropical trees chiefly of southeastern Asia that have a 2-winged fruit and are the source of valuable timber, aromatic oils, and resins especially : a tree of the type genus (Dipterocarpus) Examples of dipterocarp in a Sentence

How tall is a dipterocarp in the Philippines?

DIPTEROCARPS – (Philippine Hardwood Species) *Dipterocarps are a family of forest trees that are frequently large and tall with heights of 40 to 80 meters. The tallest living sample is over 85 meters long. *Their trunks are generally cylindrical, and can reach up to 15 meters in diameter.

How many wings does a dipterocarp have?

Typically, dipterocarp flowers are small, except for those of certain Dipterocarpus species. Though dipterocarp “two-winged fruit” , Dipterocarp trees can be distinguished by the number of “wings” on their fruit, which range from two to five.[2]

What is the common ancestor of Asian dipterocarps?

A recent genetic study found that the Asian dipterocarps share a common ancestor with the Sarcolaenaceae, a tree family endemic to Madagascar.