What are the 10 leadership theories?

What are the 10 leadership theories?

10 Leadership Theories

  • The Great Man Theory (1840s)
  • The Trait Theory of Leadership (1930s – 1940s)
  • The Skills Theory of Leadership (1940s – 1950s)
  • The Style Theories of Leadership (1940s – 1950s)
  • The Situational Leadership Theory (1960s)
  • The Contingency Theory (1960s)
  • Transactional Leadership Theory (1970s)

What are the five leadership theories?

Five Leadership Theories and How to Apply Them

  • Transformational Leadership.
  • Leader-Member Exchange Theory.
  • Adaptive Leadership.
  • Strengths-Based Leadership.
  • Servant Leadership.

What are models of decision making?

The four different decision-making models—rational, bounded rationality, intuitive, and creative—vary in terms of how experienced or motivated a decision maker is to make a choice. Choosing the right approach will make you more effective at work and improve your ability to carry out all the P-O-L-C functions.

What is network leadership?

A convener is a person or group who has “convening power” and provides the social capital and connections to pull people together and some of the resources to support a given event or ongoing initiative (money, space, technology) and build the network.

How many leadership styles are there?

10 leadership styles

What are the main leadership theories?

Key Leadership Theories

  • Great Man Theory.
  • Trait Theory.
  • Contingency Theory.
  • Situational Theory.
  • Behavioral Theory.
  • Maximize Your Strengths.
  • Be Inclusive Leaders.

What is the most effective leadership theory?

“Transformational leadership,” is the most effective style to use in most business situations.

What is positive leadership theory?

Positive leadership involves experiencing, modeling, and purposefully enhancing positive emotions. A positive leader is interested in his or her employees’ development as well as the bottom line. High self-awareness, optimism, and personal integrity (Avolio & Gardner, 2005).

How many theories of leadership are there?


How can leaders improve decision making?

5 Ways to Improve Decision Making Skills as a Leader

  1. Gather Relevant Information. Exhaust your resources before coming to a decision.
  2. Think Economically. Do your independent research, gather data, and find out what you know.
  3. Allow Healthy Distractions.
  4. Be Aware of Your Personal Biases.
  5. Forgive Yourself for Past Mistakes.