What are the 8 sectors of stock market?

What are the 8 sectors of stock market?

GICS Sectors

  • Energy.
  • Materials.
  • Industrials.
  • Consumer Discretionary.
  • Consumer Staples.
  • Health Care.
  • Financials.
  • Information Technology.

What is the industrials sector ASX?

The S&P/ASX 200 Industrials Index (XNJ) includes companies whose businesses are dominated by one of the following activities: the manufacture and distribution of capital goods, including aerospace & defense, construction, engineering & building products, electrical equipment and industrial machinery; or, the provision …

What sector is Apple stock in?

Key Data

Label Value
Exchange NASDAQ-GS
Sector Technology
Industry Computer Manufacturing
1 Year Target $199.50

What are the 14 industries?

The industrial sector contains fourteen industries:

  • Aerospace & Defense Industry.
  • Air Freight & Logistics Industry.
  • Airlines Industry.
  • Building Products Industry.
  • Commercial Services & Supplies Industry.
  • Construction & Engineering Industry.
  • Electrical Equipment Industry.
  • Industrial Conglomerates Industry.

What are the different sectors?

There are four different sectors in the economy: primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary.

How many industry sectors are there?

There are 11 sectors based on the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS): Energy.

How many sectors are in the stock market?

The Indian market has eleven sectors that accommodate in themselves all the industries and companies. The sectors include financials, healthcare, real estate, energy, consumer staples, communications, among many others. The different sectors cover a lot of different industries.

Which sector will boom in future?

Following a year of uncertainty, India’s renewable energy sector is expected to boom in 2022, with an estimated investment of more than USD 15 billion as the government focuses on EVs, solar equipment manufacturing, green hydrogen, and meeting the ambitious 175 GW renewable capacity target.