What are the coldest months in Bogota Colombia?

What are the coldest months in Bogotá Colombia?

Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month April (58 °F avg)
Coldest Month January (56 °F avg)
Wettest Month November (1.93″ avg)
Windiest Month July (6 mph avg)

Is Bogotá always cold?

Another aspect is that Bogotá is never too cold or too hot. The average temperature is between 14ºC to 20ºC, depending on the time of the year – and, at night, when the weather is colder, temperatures rarely go below 10ºC.

What is the best month to visit Bogotá?

The best time of year to travel to Bogotá is probably during the months of December, January, February and March. These are the months when the weather is driest.

How cold does it get in Bogotá Colombia?

44°F to 66°F
The climate in Bogotá is cool and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 44°F to 66°F and is rarely below 37°F or above 70°F.

Does Bogota get snow?

Following months of dry season, big cities like Bogota and Medellin are set for the rainy season, which is generally accompanied by excessive rainfall and hail in some rare occasions. …

Is it summer or winter in Bogota?

Bogotá has a moderate oceanic climate with dry warm summers and mild winters. The average annual mean temperature is 14.5 degrees Celsius (58 °Fahrenheit). Temperatures below zero are possible between December and February.

Do people in Bogota Colombia speak English?

The other major cities, particularly Bogotá and Medellín, aren´t too slack when it comes to speaking English. Luckily enough, the glitzier, partayier areas of Colombia´s two largest cities also happen to speak the most English.

What should I wear in Bogota?

Bogota – Think slightly conservative and sophisticated clothing (if you want to fit in, maybe you don’t though!), essentials include sunglasses for during the day, a pair of jeans or dark pants, a printed scarf and a light coat and jacket, dress up not down!

What is the rainy season in Bogota?

The rainy seasons correspond to the months between March and May and those of October and November. The dry seasons correspond to the months of December, January and February and to the months between June and September. The average annual rainfall in Bogotá is just over 1,000 mm.

Do you get altitude sickness in Bogota?

Bogotá is not as high up as La Paz or Quito, but it’s above the “soroche” (altitude sickness) line. Some people hardly feel it, but others need a day or so to acclimatize to the thinner air and will feel dizzy, tired, and short of breath.

Does Bogota have snow?

What is the warmest month in Columbia?

The hottest month of the year in Columbia is July, with an average high of 92°F and low of 73°F. The cool season lasts for 3.0 months, from November 28 to February 26, with an average daily high temperature below 63°F.