What are the color collar jobs?

What are the color collar jobs?

Here are some new job classifications to be familiar with.

  • White collar. Typically associated with a desk job, these people are usually tasked with clerical, administrative, and managerial functions.
  • Blue collar.
  • Gray collar.
  • Gold collar.
  • Pink collar.
  • Green collar.
  • Orange collar.
  • Black collar.

Is a cashier a blue collar worker?

They use their hands and physical abilities to perform their duties. Examples of blue collar employees include construction worker, machine operator, millwright, assembler and truck driver. However, workers in some service professions could also be categorized as being blue collar, e.g. home health aides or cashiers.

Is police a blue collar job?

Traditionally police are blue collar. Police officers must crawl, jump, run and do other exertions that are not a part of “white collar” work like office jobs.

What are red collar jobs?

Red collar workers are perhaps the easiest collar group to define: they’re government workers of all types. The “red collar” moniker actually derives from previous government labor compensation methods. Government workers used to receive their pay from what was known as the red ink budget—and the nickname stuck.

Are doctors white collar?

All manner of professional jobs are considered white collar jobs. Lawyers, doctors and accountants all apply their knowledge in the practice of their professions, and have long been considered white collar workers

What kind of jobs are blue collar?

Blue-collar jobs are typically classified as involving manual labor and compensation by an hourly wage. Some fields that fall into this category include construction, manufacturing, maintenance, and mining. Those who have this sort of job are characterized as members of the working class.

Is waitress blue-collar?

So, a dinner lady, school cook and a waiter perform a manual work or have a blue-collar job. No. Blue-collar refers specifically to industrial work – manufacturing and warehousing, as se16teddy wrote.

What are white-collar jobs?

White-collar workers are known as suit-and-tie workers who work in service industries and often avoid physical labor. The blue-collar stereotype refers to any worker who engages in hard manual labor, such as construction, mining, or maintenance.