What are the contrast highlighted in the story The Little Match Girl?

What are the contrast highlighted in the story The Little Match Girl?

The only woman who loved the little match girl is her grandmother and she herself has already passed away. Each world is also in contrast to the world that the Little Match girl lives. Though some critics might suggest that comfort of the heat of the matches is what is comforting the Little Match girl….

Why did the little girl not go home?

Why could the girl not go home? Answer: The little girl did not dare to go home, for she had sold no matches, and could not take home even a penny of money. Her father would certainly beat her for earning no money….

How many visions did the girl have?

Answer. the first three visions which the little girl saw symbolises that she belongs to a poor family and all the visions she saw was her dreams which she wanted to be fulfilled….

What does her rosy cheeks and smiling lips tell us about her?

Her rosy cheeks and smiling lips indicate to the eternal happiness she found in the company of her dear old grandmother. Though people of society at large could only see her as dead, they had no eyes to see that it was the beginning of a whole new life for the girl.

Why did the poor girl lost her slippers?

The little girl lost them as she ran acro9ss the street to escape from two carriages that were being driven terribly fast. One slipper could not be found, and a boy had run off with the other saying that, it would come in very handy as a cradle some day when he had children of his own.

What is the setting in the Little Match Girl?

This story is typically pictured occurring in a large, busy city such as Copenhagen since the author is from Denmark and lived much of his adult life in Copenhagen. The main setting of this story is the corner between two houses where this little girl sits huddled.

Why was the girl the picture of misery ‘? Why didn’t she go home that night?

The author describes it as a picture of misery because she was bare feet in the cold without any stockings even and all her matchsticks had fallen into the gutter. She could not sell them and if she went home without the money, her father would beat her….

What is the conflict in the Little Match Girl?

The little girl’s major conflict is that she cannot return home without receiving a beating from her father, leaving her to wander the streets as hypothermia sets in.

What does the Christmas tree symbolize in The Little Match Girl?

The tree is related to Christian holiday which symbolises the girl’s want for a loving family and generally love. The last vision is of her grandmother. The vision embodies the girl’s last desire : to be reunited with her grandmother and release from her current reality of pain, poverty, misery, jealousy.

Who are the characters in The Little Match Girl?

The Little Match Girl Character List

  • The Little Match Girl. The poor little girl after whom the story is titled is the protagonist.
  • The Grandmother. The little girl’s dead grandmother is the only person who had ever shown the little girl love.
  • The Father.
  • The Slipper Thief.
  • The Roast Goose.