What are the different types of track lights?

What are the different types of track lights?

There are three standard types of tracks used in North America: H type, J type, and L type. The standards between the three types were developed by three different manufacturing companies, Halo, Juno, and Lightolier, which they are named for.

What is the difference between H track and J track?

To identify a track fixture, if it has three contacts, it is likely an “H” type. If the contact-tips are 1 inch apart, it is likely a “J” type, but if they are 7/8 inch apart, the track is likely an “L” type.

What is linear track lighting?

Standard Track: Also called linear tracks, standard track lighting fixtures include a straight strip of track and a set of lights that can slide along the track as desired. They mount directly on the ceiling and are one of the easiest track lighting fixtures to install.

Are J and L track lights interchangeable?

In short, there are a few types—such as J, H, and L track lighting. Most units are interchangeable if they are in the same track category. For example, one brand’s J track lighting will be interchangeable with another brand’s J track lighting, and so on.

Are all H track lighting compatible?

Whether or not the fixtures are interchangeable depends on the system. In short, there are a few types—such as J, H, and L track lighting. Most units are interchangeable if they are in the same track category. However, you can’t simply add in fixtures meant for J track to an H or L track.

What is the difference between fixed and linear track lighting?

Shades: Many track heads, such as linear track heads, are metal and designed to match the track rail. Flexible and fixed track lights are more decorative and are available in glass shades.

What are the types of track lighting?

Types of Track Lighting. The best track lighting for you is the type that fits your decor.

  • H,J and L Track Lighting. All track lighting is on a H,L or J track.
  • Track Lighting Head Types. Depending on the track lighting head type,you’ll generally have three to six lights.
  • Track Lighting Bulb Types.
  • How to expand track lighting?

    Cube light: Cube lights are low profile,and they add a modern,industrial flair to your room.

  • Cylinder light: Cylinder lights are basically the updated version of the can light.
  • Pendant light: If you are going for pendant lighting,the track lighting system should probably be a secondary light source.
  • How to install two circuit track lighting fixtures?

    – When you move a desk or a couch and need the light to follow it, just reposition the angle of the luminary. – The lamps can be changed with your decor. From a simple track lighting head or spotlight, to chandeliers and pendants, glam it up or dress it down as the room – Tracks can be recessed, or set into the ceiling to hide the track.

    How to choose led track lighting?

    Standard LED light bulbs : Standard LED bulbs disperse light at a wide angle throughout a room.

  • Can LED light bulbs : Also known as recessed lights,can light LED bulbs fit into sockets – or cans – mounted in the ceiling.
  • Flood LED light bulbs: Flood bulbs are designed to emit a strong but wide beam of light to illuminate a broad area.