What are the main features of the civil disobedience movement?

What are the main features of the civil disobedience movement?

The main features are:

  • Boycott of foreign made cloth and liquor shops.
  • Refusal by peasants to pay revenue and chaukidari taxes.
  • Violation of forest law by grazing animals in the reseved forest.
  • Deliberalety breaking unjust law like salt tax law.

Who published civil disobedience?


What are three limitations of civil disobedience movement?

What are the limitations of the civil disobedience movement?

  • Dalits participation in the Civil Disobedience movement was very limited.
  • The participation of Muslim political groups were lukewarm, as there was atmosphere of distrust and suspicion.
  • The role of Sanatanis and Hindu Mahasabha was very dominant.

How does King justify civil disobedience?

Martin Luther King, Jr., the most renowned advocate of civil disobedience, argued that civil disobedience is not lawlessness but instead a higher form of lawfulness, designed to bring positive or man-made law into conformity with higher law—natural or divine law.

Where was civil disobedience published?

Thoreau delivered the first draft of the treatise as an oration to the Concord Lyceum in 1848, and the text was published in 1849 under the title Resistance to Civil Government.

What were the effects of civil disobedience movement?

(i) Strengthen the National Movement further. (ii) Create political consciousness and a deep sense of patriotism in the minds of the people. (iii) Bring women out of their homes and make them equal partners in the freedom struggle. (iv) Make people understand the significance of the principles of non-violence.

What were the limits of civil disobedience movement how these limits were resolved?

The limits of Civil Disobedience Movement : (ii) Non Participation of Muslim Political Organization in movement worsened the gap between Hindus and Muslims. (iii) Demand of Muslims for reserved seats in Central Assembly Created Conflicts between Congress and Muslim League.