What are the seats like at Daytona Speedway?

What are the seats like at Daytona Speedway?

The seats have seat backs but no cup holders. Even from the first row, there are no viewing obstructions as seats in the 100 level are elevated about 10-15 feet above the track. 300 Level Seats – Rows 1-22.

What are the best seats for Daytona 500?

The best seats at the Daytona 500 can be a bit subjective, but any NASCAR fan would agree that seats in the 300-level between sections 340 and 362 are the best Daytona 500 seats because not only are they located in front of the PIT AREA, but they have the best views of the entire track, as well as the start/finish line …

How many spectators are allowed at the 2021 Daytona 500?

Daytona International Speedway excited to welcome fans back to Daytona 500 with no restrictions. Track President Frank Kelleher says he expects around 150,000 people in attendance for the Great American Race.

What is the seating capacity at the Daytona 500?

101,500Daytona International Speedway / Capacity

How much are tickets for the Daytona 500?

Typically, Daytona 500 tickets can be found for as low as $113.00, with an average price of $209.00.

What is the best place to sit at a Nascar race?

You do want to sit high enough that you can see the opposite side of the track: if you’re down too low, it can be hard to see across the infield. I’d say lower-middle is great, but then again I like to be close to the action.

Is NASCAR losing its fan base?

If the new NASCAR is losing fans, it’s hard to tell for now. Racing, like basketball and other sports, has seen year-to-year ratings decline. But experts say the reasons are multitude. This year’s Daytona 500, for example, drew 4.8 million viewers — a 34% drop from 2020, which was already a record low.

Where’s the best place to sit at a NASCAR race?

Can fans attend Daytona 500?

Daytona International Speedway President Chip Wile announced on Saturday that he expects approximately 30,000 fans to attend NASCAR’s season opener—the Daytona 500. “It’s going to be the largest sporting event that happens in the United States since COVID hit,” Wile said to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

How many seats are in the Daytona 500?

1968 – Cale Yarborough

  • 1969 – LeeRoy Yarbrough
  • 1976 – David Pearson
  • 1985 – Bill Elliott
  • 1997 – Jeff Gordon
  • How many people does the Daytona 500 seat?

    When the huge project was done, the number of permanent seats at the speedway had gone from 146,000 to 101,500. That’s 44,500 seats gone, or 31 percent of its former capacity. Daytona said the seats removed were its “lowest quality” ones on the backstretch, according to ESPN.

    What can you take into the Daytona 500?

    Can you take alcohol into Daytona Speedway? Yes, you can bring your own beer into Daytona International Speedway as long as they are in the frontstretch seating areas. The cooler can hold up to 24-36 cans, have a single wall removable plastic liner, and can be packed with ice cubes or ice packs.

    How much are tickets for Daytona 500?

    Daytona 500 Tickets Cost – $95-$695 GA. The Daytona 500, like all other sporting events in the