What areas are in Beirut?

What areas are in Beirut?

Bourj Hammoud.

  • Bourj el-Barajneh.
  • Dahieh. Chyah. Haret Hreik.
  • Shatila refugee camp.
  • How many districts are in Lebanon?

    The nine governorates of Lebanon are subdivided into 25 districts (Aqdya, singular – qadaa).

    What is the postal code of Beirut?

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    Municipalities Localities
    Beirut Central District 10999 1
    Marfaa 10450 4
    Mazraa 10310 9
    Medawar 10610 5

    Where do the rich live in Beirut?

    Raouché is one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Beirut. Across from the promenade you’ll find modern skyscrapers and pricey hotels. If you want to splurge and wake up to the seaside views, this is a great place to stay. Check prices on places to stay in Raouché.

    Where should I live in Beirut?

    The Coolest Neighbourhoods in Beirut

    • Hamra. Because of all the historical cafes and theaters, Hamra was once the intellectual center of Beirut.
    • Downtown, Beirut. Beirut has been called the “Paris of the Middle East“, and this is clear Downtown.
    • Achrafieh. This district shows a different history of Beirut.
    • Kaslik.

    Which province is Beirut in?

    Primary subdivisions:

    Province HASC ISO
    Beirut LB.BA BA
    Beqaa LB.BQ BI
    Mount Lebanon LB.JL JL
    North Lebanon LB.NL AS

    What is the zip code of Lebanon?

    Lebanon Postal Codes List

    Area City Postal Code
    Jdeidet Matn Jdeidet Matn 1202
    Jounieh Jounieh 1200
    Antelias Antelias 1201
    Bourj Hammoud Bourj Hammoud 1203