What channel is Art Attack on?

What channel is Art Attack on?

Disney Junior
CITVITVSony Pictures Networks India
Art Attack/Networks

Where is Art Attack from?

Art Attack
Country of origin United Kingdom (1990–2007, 2011–2015)
Original language English
No. of series CITV: 19 (1990–2007) (Spin-off series) (1996–97, 2003) Disney Junior: 4 (2011–2015)
No. of episodes Original: 301 (5 Christmas specials 1994–97, 2003) (25 episodes from spinoff series: 1996–97, 2003) Revival: 97

When did art attack first air?

June 15, 1990Art Attack / First episode date

When did art attack end?

June 12, 2015Art Attack / Final episode date

What does Neil Buchanan do now?

The 65-year-old, who is an artist in his spare time, launched his own charity Christmas card collection. He also enjoys a spot of photography and shares a selection of wildlife shots. Neil married his wife Nicola in 1989 and the pair had two children together.

Who used Art Attack?

Neil Buchanan

Neil Buchanan
Years active 1976–2012
Notable work Art Attack (1990–2007) Finders Keepers (1991–1996)
Spouse(s) Nicola K. Buchanan
Children 2

What is the meaning of Art Attack?

Art Attack is a unique and inspirational Arts and Craft show designed to spark imagination and creativity, with broad appeal that encourages self expression and individuality, demonstrating to kids of all abilities that anyone can be an artist.

Who used art attack?

What was Tony Hart’s show called?

Take Hart
Take Hart was a British children’s television programme about art, presented by Tony Hart. It took over from Vision On, and ran from 1977 until 1983.

What happened to Neil Buchanan?

Although Neil continues to create artwork in his spare time, his energy now goes into music. In a 2011 interview with the BBC, he admitted music had always been his first love. He said about reviving his rock band Marseille: “I’m a musician first – that’s what runs through my blood.