What did Holden buy for himself when in New York with the fencing team?

What did Holden buy for himself when in New York with the fencing team?

Holden first describes putting on his red hunting hat as he returns to his dorm room after visiting Mr. Spencer. He explains that he bought the hat in New York City, right after he realized that he’d lost his team’s fencing equipment.

What did Holden buy in New York that he mentions repeatedly?

While he was in New York, Holden did manage to purchase a “red hunting hat,” with “very long peaks” for just one dollar. Holden decided to wear the hat backward, which looked “very corny”; but, nevertheless, he liked his appearance better that way.

Why does Holden give the nuns $10?

Holden insists on paying for their food and then gave them ten dollars in their basket. Holden is so used to people being mean and fake, he meets these nuns and he realizes that they aren’t fake and that they genuinely enjoy talking to him. The nuns and their kindeness was real and he wanted to help them.

What did Holden do in New York?

He buys movie tickets and pays for ice skating. With his hotel room, meals, taxis, the ten dollars he gives the nuns, and other expenses, Holden spends upwards of a thousand dollars in today’s money on his New York spree.

Why does Holden feel bad for the nuns?

He sees the nuns as innocent, as evidenced by his comment about feeling uncomfortable talking to the nun who happens to be an English teacher about Romeo and Juliet because “that play gets pretty sexy in some parts.” In other parts of the novel, Holden shows charity and kindness toward those who need it.

What does Holden hate about living in New York?

Holden dislikes the falseness of performance, yet New York is a famous theater city, known for its impressive Broadway shows. Holden rails against commercialization, but that’s exactly what he encounters during the Rockettes’ superficial Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall.

What does Holden buy in New York the morning of the football game?

Holden tries on a red hunting cap, with a long bill, which he bought for a dollar in New York that morning.