What did Luis mean by ballistics?

What did Luis mean by ballistics?

Posted June 25, 2012. “ballistics” refers to Ashley’s breasts. also apparent when luis says “i see the president equipped his daughter with balllistics” “overtime” is that ashley is propositioning leon for sex.

Is re4 in Spain?

Resident Evil 4 is set in Spain and begins in broad daylight. If you told that to a fan of the series in 2002, the year the previous main entry, Resident Evil 0, was released, you would be met with either anger, laughter, bewilderment, or near-despair.

Is Luis Sera dead?

Luis Sera (ルイス・セラ, Ruisu Sera?) was a biologist native to an isolated region of Spain. He was recruited into Los Iluminados’ research department to genetically-engineer Plagas and bio-weapons, and was ultimately killed in his attempt to undermine their efforts.

What was the early Greek term for ballistics meaning to throw?

Ballistic comes from the Greek word ballein, meaning to throw. Lexicographers’ first sighting of ballistics was in 1753, according to the Online Etymology Dictionary.

What does zombie mean in Resident Evil 4?

Do you like this video? ” Zombie ” is the term given to the third stage in the Resident Evil 4 development cycle. Until late 2003 Resident Evil 4 was in its ” Hallucination ” stage of development, which featured Leon S. Kennedy exploring the Spencer Estate and suffering halluncinations from a Progenitor Virus infection.

Why does Resident Evil 4 use Spanish in its dialogue?

Resident Evil 4 uses Spanish for the Ganado dialogue to make its Spain setting seem more realistic. It has however come under strong scrutiny by Spanish speakers themselves, who note that the dialogue uses words more typical of American varieties of Spanish than the dialects in Spain itself. ¡Allí está!

What is the plot of Resident Evil 4?

Was this article informative? In Resident Evil 4, special agent Leon S. Kennedy is sent on a mission to rescue the kidnapped U.S. President’s daughter. Finding his way to a rural village in Europe, Leon battles horrific new creatures infested by a new threat called Las Plagas.

Who is the hero of Resident Evil 4?

Crooked One is back with the game script for Resident Evil 4. Hope you enjoy! Leon Scott Kennedy: The hero of the Resident Evil 4. After federal government. In six years following Raccoon’s nuclear recently assigned to President Graham’s Secret Service. Leon’s Ashley. game’s damsel in distress.