What did the banker do when he read the letter?

What did the banker do when he read the letter?

1 Answer. The banker was overwhelmed after reading the letter addressed to him. After reading the note, he kissed the prisoner on the head and went back to his house weeping.

What is the message of the story the bet?

“Money is worthless but knowledge and science are priceless.” This is the message that Anton Chekhov, a Russian short stories writer, wanted to convey through his story “The Bet”. The bet is an interesting short story that was written by Anton Chekhov in 1889.

Why most likely does the narrator pay the grub man to take care of Bartleby?

Upon introducing himself he makes it clear he expects to be bribed. He says those who “have friends here, hire me to provide them with something good to eat.” The narrator pays off the grub-man so Bartleby can eat well while in prison.

Why does the banker call the bet cursed?

In “The Bet” by Anton Chekhov, the banker calls the bet “cursed” because when he originally made the bet with the lawyer, he was extremely wealthy, and now he no longer is. If he pays the lawyer two million dollars, he will be bankrupt because he has little left from his original large fortune.

How does the lawyer’s description of himself?

At the beginning of the story, the lawyer describes himself as an older man and a person who has sought an easy path through life, although also one that makes him a good deal of money. The lawyer inspires trust, he works among the wealthy, he supports the status quo, and his clients feel safe with him.

How does the author show that the lawyer is going through some changes?

We notice a drastic change in him when we read his letter written in six different languages. His following observation reveals that he is a much transformed man now: “The geniuses of all ages and of all lands speak different languages, but the same flame burns in them all.

Does Bartleby have a lasting impact on the lawyer?

Does Bartleby have any lasting impact on the lawyer? Yes, because the lawyer changed who he was. Through Bartleby, he learned compassion and was a dynamic character.

Why is the banker afraid that he will be ruined forever when the 15 years is complete?

He is afraid he will be ruined be because if the lawyer survives he will take the bankers last 2 million , he is no longer a millionaire. The banker was going to murder the lawyer, this shows the banker does not live up to his word.

Why does the banker feel he will be ruined?

Why is the banker grateful that the lawyer escaped? Because he had lost a lot of money in the past 15 years through gambling and the Stock Exchange, so giving the lawyer $2 million would ruin him.

How does the narrator change in Bartleby?

Looking through Bartleby’s things, the Narrator’s feelings change from pity to fear, and he resolves to give Bartleby some money and send him away from the office for good. The next day, the Narrator attempts to pry into Bartleby’s personal life and history, but the scrivener prefers not to say anything about himself.

Why after reading over six hundred volumes in four years would the lawyer spend one year reading the New Testament?

In “The Bet”, why, after reading over six-hundred volumes in four years would the lawyer spend one year reading the New Testament? He first learned different languages so that he could better understand the New Testament instead of just jumping to that right away.

How does Bartleby’s I would prefer not to affect the routine of the lawyer and his employees?

How does Bartleby’s “I would prefer not to” affect the routine of the lawyer and his employees? This phrase affects Bartleby because the employees have to do Bartleby’s work for him when he refuses along with their regular work and checks. 5.