What do stock quotes mean?

What do stock quotes mean?

A stock quote is the price of a stock as quoted on an exchange. A basic quote for a specific stock provides information, such as its bid and ask price, last traded price, and volume traded.

What kind of stock is T?

Stock Quote (U.S.: NYSE) | MarketWatch….$ 23.72.

Close Chg Chg %
$23.74 -0.13 -0.54%

What is a stop quote?

Quote. Order. A sell Stop Quote order is placed at a stop price below the current market price and will trigger, if the national best bid quote is at or lower than the specified stop price.

What is an unquoted share?

Unquoted shares are shares which are not traded on stock exchanges or other organised financial markets.

Is Robinhood a credible app?

YES–Robinhood is absolutely safe. Your funds on Robinhood are protected up to $500,000 for securities and $250,000 for cash claims because they are a member of the SIPC. Furthermore, Robinhood is a securities brokerage and as such, securities brokerages are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

What does 52-week change mean?

What Is the 52-Week Range? The 52-week range is a data point traditionally reported by printed financial news media, but more modernly included in data feeds from financial information sources online. The data point includes the lowest and highest price at which a stock has traded during the previous 52 weeks.

What is a 52-week high?

The 52-week high/low is the highest and lowest price at which a security has traded during the time period that equates to one year and is viewed as a technical indicator.

What is T price?

Theoretical Opening Price (TOP) allows investors to have a half hour ‘viewing period’ before the market opens in the morning and afternoon session. For example, trades and the theoretical opening price for each counter can be seen from 8.30am until 9am before the market starts to trade.

Why is AT PE ratio so high?

Generally, our preference is to limit the use of the price-to-earnings ratio to establishing what the market thinks about the overall health of a company. We’ve established that AT maintains its high P/E on the strength of its forecast growth being higher than the wider market, as expected.