What does a record retrieval do?

What does a record retrieval do?

A record retrieval specialist works to procure medical documents and records about a patient’s health care. You do this to ensure secure remote access for health care providers, billing departments, or workers processing an insurance claim.

What is a legal copy service?

Legal Photocopy Service is qualified to take care of all your consumer, witness and medical records requests for any Civil Subpoena for Production of Business Records, patient authorization, US District Court, or Workers’ Compensation matter.

Is Ontellus a corporation?

About Ontellus Ontellu, is a privately-held, technology-enabled record retrieval provider that empowers insurance carriers, self-insured corporations and law firms to reduce costs, make better-informed decisions and accelerate claims resolution.

What is records retrieval?

Records retrieval is a complex set of processes to request, retrieve, organize, and deliver medical records and other documentation necessary for an insurance carrier or law firm to process claims or litigation.

How do you start a record retrieval business?

Generate a business plan identifying the objectives for your records retrieval business. Outline all services you plan to offer. Identify potential clients and any specific areas of expertise. Identify ways your business will differentiate itself from other records retrieval firms.

What is Gemini duplication?

Gemini Duplication is California’s premier workers’ compensation discovery service. We serve California attorneys that represent injured workers in workers’ compensation claims with our cutting edge technology and customer service.

What kind of company is Ontellus?

Ontellus is the nation’s largest, full-service procurer of medical records, wage and employment records, diagnostic imaging files, pharma, social security records, billing records and other claims-related data services.

How can first legal help with records retrieval?

When you have to take steps before records retrieval, First Legal Records will prepare all the documentation necessary. First Legal can guide you through subpoena preparation, whether your case is workers’ compensation, civil, or federal.

Why choose LCS record retrieval?

At LCS Record Retrieval (aka Legal Copy Services, Inc.), there is no limit to the value we provide our clients. With over 38 years of experience, we ensure that your record retrieval and document analysis needs are met from start to finish. We build strong, genuine relationships with a focus set on making our clients’ work life easier.

What is the best record retrieval company for eSignatures?

LCS is the best record retrieval company ever! Their customer service is outstanding and I am so excited about the new e-signature feature for signing authorizations. It will make my life so much easier!

Why choose our record retrieval system?

Our secure, proprietary system streamlines the record retrieval process workflow from start to finish. With our user-friendly Client Portal and advanced integrated technology, you can submit new requests, check the status of requests, view completed records and films, and e-sign authorizations – all at your convenience.