What does it mean if something is squirrely?

What does it mean if something is squirrely?

: tending to move around a lot : restless. : very odd, silly, or foolish.

Is squirrely a word?

or squir·rel·ly adjective Slang. eccentric; flighty.

Is squirrel an insult?

How big of an insult is it? Squirrels are animals that are nervous and twitchy, and change directions very fast. Calling a person ‘squirrelly’ is saying that they cannot make up their minds, that they are very easily distracted, that they cannot focus on something.

What’s another word for squirrelly?

What is another word for squirrelly?

dotty crazy
daft mad
nutty insane
silly lunatic
foolish cuckoo

What does squirrely mean urban?

Squirrelly meaning Eccentric, nervous, or crazy.

What is squirrely behavior?

or squirrely (ˈskwɪrəlɪ) adjective. like or typical of a squirrel in appearance or behaviour. US informal. very nervous, sensitive, strange, or unpredictable.

What is a twirly?

twirly (plural twirlies) (Britain, slang, sometimes derogatory) an old age pensioner or other elderly person, especially one using public transport.

What does squirrel with nut emoji mean?

🐿️ Meaning – Chipmunk Emoji 🐿️ The image of a small animal that looks similar to a squirrel and which is shown in brown, with a bushy tail and often eating an acorn or chestnut is the emoji symbol for a chipmunk. It is also often related to things that are small and cute.

What does it mean when a girl is squirrely?

Squirrelly meaning Nervous, restless, keyed up, etc. The definition of squirrelly is something related to a squirrel or someone who is restless or eccentric. An example of someone who would be described as squirrelly is a fidgety, nervous person.

What is the color of squirrels?

In tree squirrels (those of the genus Sciurus), we see considerable variation in coat colour. Both Grey (S. carolinensis) and Red squirrels (S. vulgaris) exhibit white and melanistic (black or very dark) forms, called morphs, as well as their wild-type (normal) colouration.

What is the meaning of squirrelly?

Definition of squirrelly. 1 : relating to, resembling, or characteristic of a squirrel Where I live we used to have a real groundhog … moving through the too long grass in search of grubs, nuts, or other squirrelly snacks.— Bill Dunphy. 2 chiefly US, informal.

Why are some squirrels black?

Black squirrels are simply black-coloured Grey or Red squirrels. In squirrels, like all mammals, coat colour is under genetic control. The animal’s genes control how pigment is deposited into hair strands and, therefore, what the end result looks like.

What is your squirrel personality type?

The Squirrel has an aptitude for swift movements between being professional and silly, working, and playing. Thus, Squirrel appears somewhat erratic to the point of overreaching. A challenge for Squirrel is focusing on one task before moving to another. As with your Totem, you have delightful charms that endear many.