What does ItemListener do?

What does ItemListener do?

ItemListener mainly used for item selection, and it is an interface that listens for the item event. The interface ItemListener basically manages the on or off status for one or several items. The Java ItemListener notifies each and every click on the checkbox, and it let you know against the ItemEvent.

When to use ItemListener?

If you insist on using listeners directly, ItemListener indicates selection state, so it can be used to monitor the state of JCheckBoxMenuItems and JRadioButtonMenuItems. For all other JMenuItems, use ActionListener.

How to implement ItemListener in Java?

Java ItemListener Example

  1. import java.awt.*;
  2. import java.awt.event.*;
  3. public class ItemListenerExample implements ItemListener{
  4. Checkbox checkBox1,checkBox2;
  5. Label label;
  6. ItemListenerExample(){
  7. Frame f= new Frame(“CheckBox Example”);
  8. label = new Label();

What is itemStateChanged in Java?

itemStateChanged. void itemStateChanged(ItemEvent e) Invoked when an item has been selected or deselected by the user. The code written for this method performs the operations that need to occur when an item is selected (or deselected).

Is the abstract method of ItemListener?

You have to remember that if ItemListener is abstract, then you will need to implement all the methods inside ItemListener. If you want to keep your current structure, you can just add an empty itemStateChanged method to your Chapter5Debug class.

What method corresponds to an Itemlistener?

Because ItemListener has only one method, it has no corresponding adapter class. Called just after a state change in the listened-to component….The Item Listener API.

Method Purpose
int getStateChange() Returns the new state of the item. The ItemEvent class defines two states: SELECTED and DESELECTED .

Which interfaces define a method itemStateChanged ()?

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Que. Which of these interfaces define a method itemStateChanged()?
b. ContainerListener
c. ActionListener
d. ItemListener