What does packer test measure?

What does packer test measure?

Packer testing is a test for measuring the permeability of ground in sections of boreholes. Pneumatic packers have been an increasingly valuable tool for consultants analyzing borehole characteristics. Packers can be used to determine the water quality in discrete zones in both cased and uncased wells.

How do you test a packer picture?

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What is Lugeon test?

The Lugeon test (or Packer Test) is an in-situ testing method widely used to estimate the average hydraulic conductivity of rock formations. The test is named after Maurice Lugeon (1933), a Swiss geologist who first formulated the test. The test is also referred to as a “water pressure test” or a “packer test”.

How do you calculate permeability?

Permeability is measured on cores in the laboratory by flowing a fluid of known viscosity through a core sample of known dimensions at a set rate, and measuring the pressure drop across the core, or by setting the fluid to flow at a set pressure difference, and measuring the flow rate produced.

What is a packer test and how is it used?

The packer test has been used for many years as a simple method of assessing the hydraulic conductivity of a limited section of a borehole. Separate developments in grouting, engineering geology, the oil industry and, particularly, in hyrogeology have improved the testing techniques dramatically.

How do you test the pressure in a water Packer?

A constant pressure test performed by pumping water into the borehole below the packer at a constant pressure for 5 minutes. The pressure was measured using a gauge at the ground surface. A water meter was used to measure flow during the test.

Is your flow meter calibrated for Packer testing?

It is essential when performing a packer test that the flow meter is calibrated, functioning properly, and meets the regulatory and ASTM standards for packer testing. In low permeability formations, these standards can lead to issues that may render your packer test unusable depending on the packer test setup and meter specifications.

How does enviroprobe service perform Packer testing?

Enviroprobe Service completes packer tests by isolating specific sections of consolidated formations. By lowering and inflating the packer in the borehole, water-quality samples can be collected and aquifer tests can be conducted.