What does POB stand for in an address?

What does POB stand for in an address?

Point of Beginning

What does POB mean in albums?

Princeton’s WordNet. Post-Office box, PO Box, POB, call box, letter box(noun)

Is POB short for PO box?

noun. (in a post office) a locked compartment into which the mail of a box renter is put to be called for. Abbreviation: POB, P.O.B.

What does POB mean?

POB Place of Birth Governmental » US Government — and more… Rate it:
POB Point Of Beginning Community » News & Media Rate it:
POB People on Board Governmental » Transportation Rate it:
POB Public Oversight Board Business » Accounting Rate it:
POB Plastic Ono Band Miscellaneous » Plastics Rate it:

What does POB stand for in the Army?

What does POB stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
POB Psychological Operations Battalion
POB Public Order Battalion (Iraq)
POB Patrol Observation Base
POB Percentage of Base

What does POB stand for hospital?

POB in Medical

3 POB Pattern Of Breathing Cardiology
1 POB penicillin, oil, beeswax Medicine, Healthcare, Health
1 POB Physician Office Building + 1 variant Medicine, Locations, Office
1 POB Physicians Office Building Medicine, Locations, Office
1 POB Place of Birth + 1 variant Government, FBI, Administration

What is POB in shipping?

POB. Post Office Box. Shopping, Mail, Postal.

What is a POB award?

Saul with the 1999 John J. McCloy Award for outstanding contributions to the auditing profession in the United States. The award commemorates John J. McCloy, a former POB and Chase Manhattan Bank chairman, who, as U.S. Military Governor and High Commissioner, helped establish a free-market economy in post-war Germany.

What is POB in marketing?