What does Sameer Africa do?

What does Sameer Africa do?

Sameer Africa Limited manufactures and imports tyres and automotive products and sells them through distribution outlets in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

Who owns Sameer?

Dr. Naushad N. Merali
Dr. Naushad N. Merali was awarded a doctorate degree (Honoris Causa) in Business Leadership by Kabarak University in 2015. He is an astute businessman and the Chairman and founder of the Sameer Group of Companies.

Where is Sameer in Kenya?

The company’s offices are located in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, and the largest metropolitan area in that country.

What does Sameer Group deal with?

Sameer Group is a conglomerate of companies and a leading economic force with major investments and successful operating companies in all key sectors of the Kenyan Economy – Agribusiness, Automobile & Distribution, Construction, Energy & Power, Finance, Property Development & Real Estates.

Who owns Daima Dairy?

Sameer Agriculture
Daima, owned by parent company Sameer Agriculture, has always been a proud partner in Africa’s growth story. We are a home-grown, loved and respected brand in Kenya, largely known for quality, innovation and rich dairy products.

Who owns Pascha milk?

Uplands Premium Dairies & Foods Ltd (UPDF) is a dairy processing company located in Kagwe, Kiambu County , Lari sub county. Our core business is milk collection, processing and marketing of dairy and related products under flagship brand PASCHA.

Who is the owner of Brookside milk?

Kenyatta Family

Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
1 Kenyatta Family 50.0
2 Danone 40.0
3 The Abraaj Group 10.0
Total 100.00

What company owns Brookside?

The Hershey Co. has reached an agreement to purchase Brookside Foods Ltd., a privately held confectionery company based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Hershey says. Brookside is a chocolate confectionery company with products based on a unique formula for making chocolate-covered fruit juice pieces.

Who owns Delamere yoghurt?

The Delamere properties have been under the care of Lord Hugh Cholmondeley, the Fifth Baron Delamere, since 1979. The 79-year old is father of Tom Cholmondeley, better known for twice killing trespassers at the Soysambu Ranch.