What happened between Felix and Marzia?

What happened between Felix and Marzia?

Within months of the start of their relationship, Marzia abandoned her studies to join Felix in Sweden. On Aug. 19, 2019 — exactly eight years after they first met — PewDiePie and his girlfriend tied the knot. “It was the most beautiful day, which I will treasure forever,” Marzia wrote on Instagram.

Did Marzia and Felix move to Japan?

Instagram: PewDiePie In 2019, PewDiePie announced that he and wife Marzia would be moving to Japan. Unfortunately, the move has taken longer than they anticipated.

Is Mark still friends with Felix?

They are still friends. Felix mentions Markiplier a couple of times in his videos. It’s just that they don’t really have as close as a bond as before unlike how Felix is with Sean (Jacksepticeye), so that could be the reason why they don’t talk as much.

Where is Marzia?

Arzignano, ItalyMarzia Kjellberg / Place of birth

How did PewDiePie meet Marzia?

They started dating around October 2011 when Marzia’s best friend Diazo watched PewDiePie’s videos at the end of May, and e-mailed Marzia his videos. Marzia thought he was really funny and wrote to him at the end of June 2011, stating how she thought he was funny and she enjoyed his videos.

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Who are PewDiePie’s wife Marzia and boyfriend Felix?

Marzia and Felix are both globetrotters, and they love to discover new places together. In April 2019, PewDiePie documented a trip to Marrakesh on his YouTube channel. In the video, the couple…

Where did PewDiePie and Felix go on their honeymoon?

After the pop-up event, the couple visited Niagara Falls. As for the couple’s dream honeymoon in Bali, PewDiePie documented it in a 25-minute vlog. After relaxing at a stunning resort, Marzia and Felix visited the Indonesian island. The YouTuber also learned how to surf!