What happened George Kay?

What happened George Kay?

George Kay died of a drug overdose in 2019, and his tragic last days were laid bare in an inquest into his death this week. The former rugby league player, 39, died after crushing a ball of cocaine inside a sock and “eating” the contents, the inquest heard.

Who is Kerry Katona’s third husband?

George Kay
After her relationship with Mark ended, Kerry met George Kay and she got wed for the third time in 2014. The couple split in 2017 and George sadly passed away in 2019. Kerry and George had one child together, a daughter named Dylan-Jorge who is sometimes referred to as DJ.

Did Kerry Katona have a child with George Kay?

Katona married former rugby league (Warrington Wolves A-Team) player George Kay on 14 September 2014. They have one daughter (b. 2014), Kay had served three years of a six-year jail sentence after being convicted for blackmail in 2008.

What happened with Kerry Katona and George Kay?

KERRY Katona’s ex-husband George Kay died after biting into a ball of cocaine in front of staff at a Holiday Inn, an inquest heard today. The 39-year-old, who was married to the reality TV star for three years, collapsed and died after a seizure at the hotel in Sutton Weaver, Cheshire in 2019.

Who is Kerry Katona’s partner now?

George Kaym. 2014–2017
Mark Croftm. 2007–2011Brian McFaddenm. 2002–2006
Kerry Katona/Spouse

What happened to Kerry Katona husband Mark?

DRUG DEAL HUNK Kerry tied the knot with former cabbie Mark in 2007, but the couple split in 2010. It was reported that Mark helped squander her multimillion-pound fortune as she battled a cocaine addiction.

Who is Kerry Katona’s husband George?

Kerry Katona’s ex-husband died of cocaine toxicity after eating a ‘white ball’ of the drug in a hotel, an inquest heard. George Osaghae-Kay, a former professional rugby league player for Warrington Wolves, had struggled with the effects of drug abuse for some years before his death.

Did George Kay have children?

George married the Eternal Flame singer in 2014, after the pair began dating in 2012. The pair share one child, five-year-old Dylan-Jorge and filed for divorce in 2017. The ex rugby star is believed to have passed after eating a quantity of cocaine at the Holiday Inn in Runcorn.

Who is Kerry Katona’s dad?

Ron ArmstrongKerry Katona / Father

Is George Kay still alive?

DeceasedGeorge Kay / Living or Deceased

Who is Kerry Katona’s fiance Ryan?

Ryan Mahoney
Kerry Katona has given a rare insight to her love life as she shared a snap with fiance Ryan Mahoney. The star met the fitness trainer three years ago on dating app Bumble and the lovebirds announced their engagement last year.

Are Kerry and Ryan still together?

“The fact we’ve been together over three years now and we’re not married and no babies,” she said, with Ryan saying: “We’re setting records!” Kerry recently opened up on how she is getting her eggs harvested in a bid to welcome a child with Ryan, which would be her sixth.