What happened in the grootboom case?

What happened in the grootboom case?

The Court concluded that the national housing program did not live up to the government’s obligations under the Constitution because it did not provide relief for those in situations of desperate need. The Court did not, however, require that the government provide shelter upon request to children or their parents.

What is access to equal justice?

The concept of access to justice has evolved over the years from a narrow definition that refers to access to legal services and other state services (access to the courts or tribunals that adjudicate or mediate) to a broader one that includes social justice, economic justice and environmental justice.

What is justice South Africa?

2 ACCESS TO JUSTICE This means people have the right to have a matter heard before a court or an appropriate body, in public and on any matter or issue.

Where can I find case law in South Africa?

South African citations

  • Neutral citation.
  • ZACC Constitutional Court of South Africa.
  • ZASC Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa.
  • ZACAC South African Competition Appeal Court.
  • ZACOMMC South African Commercial Crimes Court.
  • ZAEQC South African Equality Court.
  • Major report series.
  • BCLR [Butterworths] Constitutional Law Reports.

What are the barriers to justice?

4 Barriers Blocking Access to Justice (and How to Help Break Them)

  • Barrier #1: Funding for Legal Aid Services.
  • Barrier #2: High Costs for Legal Action.
  • Barrier #3: Lack of Automatic Right to Counsel in Common Legal Circumstances.
  • Barrier #4: Lack of Awareness of Legal Rights, Services, and Procedures.

Does everyone have access justice?

More than 5 billion people worldwide do not have access to justice in their everyday lives. This is the shocking reality revealed in a new report by the Global Task Force on Justice being launched today in The Hague. Injustice on this sweeping scale should shame us all, not least because the justice gap is growing.

How do you search on Saflii?

Finding cases: Using SAFLII In the main search box on the page, insert your case name and press “Search”. A results list should show your case. In order to view it, click on the title of the case and a new page will open showing your case.

How can I improve access to justice?

Innovations that could improve access to justice

  1. Early intervention strategies.
  2. Use of dispute resolution opportunites.
  3. Expanded duty counsel services.
  4. Assisted self-representation.
  5. Client-centred approach to legal services delivery.
  6. Service links.
  7. Funds for disbursements when lawyers do pro bono work.
  8. “Low” bono work.

What was the impact of the Grootboom case on South Africa?

2 THE IMPACT OF THE GROOTBOOM DECISION The Grootboom case has, undisputedly, had a marked impact on the development of South African constitutional jurisprudence, particularly on the enforcement of socio-economic rights.

Who are the respondents in Grootboom v Oostenberg Municipality?

[2] The respondents are 510 children and 390 adults. Mrs Irene Grootboom, the first respondent, brought the application before the High Court on behalf of all the respondents. [3] The judgment of Davis J in which Comrie J concurred is reported as Grootboom v Oostenberg Municipality and Others 2000 (3) BCLR 277 (C).

What is the importance of Grootboom?

IMPLEMENTATION OF GROOTBOOM In order to fully analyse the Constitutional Court’s judgment and under­ stand the import and effect of the general order handed down, it is impor­ tant to appreciate the difference between a judgment and an order.

Is the General Order in the Grootboom judgment broader than the general needs?

While the SAHRC has correctly identified that the general order in the Grootboom judgment goes broader than addreSSing the needs of the members of the Grootboom community (or even that of the broader Wallacedene community), it is unclear how this understanding of the