What happened in Tweeter and the Monkey Man?

What happened in Tweeter and the Monkey Man?

At five verses in 5 minutes 27 seconds, “Tweeter and the Monkey Man” is the longest Traveling Wilburys song put to record. The song tells the story of two drug dealers – Tweeter and the Monkey Man – their nemesis, the “Undercover Cop”, and the cop’s sister, Jan, a longtime love interest of the Monkey Man.

Who originally wrote Tweeter and the Monkey Man?

Bob Dylan
Tom PettyGeorge HarrisonJeff LynneRoy Orbison
Tweeter and the Monkey Man/Lyricists

Who covered Tweeter and the Monkey Man?


Title Performer Release date
Tweeter and the Monkey Man Dozi/Mel Botes June 2007
Tweeter and the Monkey Man Omigosh April 25, 2008
Tweeter and the Monkey Man Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers June 24, 2014
Tweeter & the Monkey Man Clarksdale Bros. 2016

Was Bruce Springsteen in Travelling Wilburys?

By: Jay Lustig | December 6, 2014. The cover of the album, “The Traveling Wilburys, Vol. Bruce Springsteen was so hugely popular in the 1980s that when Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne released an album in 1988 as the Traveling Wilburys — The Traveling Wilburys, Vol.

What is the story Monkeyman about?

Summary: A cruel gang called the Tigros in Harlem stab people and do many illegal things. A girl named Peaches messed with the Tigros by beating two people in their gang up. To get revenge they were going to stab Peaches but Monkeyman saved her by knocking the knife out of one of the Tigros hand.

When did Tweeter and the Monkey Man come out?

1988Tweeter and the Monkey Man / Released

Who is the lead singer in Tweeter and the Monkey Man?

Traveling WilburysTweeter and the Monkey Man / Artist

What did the narrator learn from Monkeyman?

In “Monkeyman,” Walter Dean Myers communicates his message through the actions that Monkeyman takes, and the lesson the narrator learns from this: Real courage means standing up for what you believe is right, rather than proving yourself to others by continuing a cycle of violence.

Why did Monkeyman bring his grandfather?

Who did Monkeyman bring to the ‘event’ and why? He brought his grandfather and godmother because he knew that the Tigros weren’t going to kill him even with his family watching them.