What happened to all the humans in Adventure Time?

What happened to all the humans in Adventure Time?

Near the end of the war, the Mushroom Bomb was dropped, releasing its mutagenic properties and the spirit of the Lich to the land. This had catastrophic consequences, and it led to the near-extinction of the human race. The humans directly affected by the bomb were either instantly killed or heavily mutated.

What happened to Finn the Human?

Finn and Jake are shown relaxing on a beach. The Adventure Time: Distant Lands special “Together Again” takes place sometime after the end of the series, when Finn has died of old age. He then journeys through the Dead Worlds to be reunited with Jake, who is also deceased.

How many humans are alive in Adventure Time?

So in conclusion, the total number of humans who made it to Adventure Time’s present day is in the ballpark of 20,000 to 200,000.

What happened to Finn and Jake after together again?

Finn and Jake are dead. That’s not really a spoiler though; we find out that both members of our favorite adventuring duo have kicked the bucket not five minutes into the latest hour-long special from the “Adventure Time” epilogue series “Distant Lands.” “Finn and Jake are dead,” the screen reads.

What happened to the humans in Adventure Time?

In the current timeframe of Adventure Time, most human-made structures and artifacts from before the Mushroom War are now in ruins, and Finn is the only human living in Ooo, though some former humans affected by the mushroom bomb exist in the form of Oozers and the Business Men .

What happened to Ooo in Adventure Time?

In Adventure Time Mini-Series: “Islands” it revealed that around thousand years prior to the main events of the series, a group of human survivors of the Mushroom War fled Ooo on a container ship (as seen in Stakes) to escape from the vampires, oozers, and other magical and mutated dangers.

What happened to the OOO tribes?

So, tribes of survivors began departing the continent of Ooo. One of these tribes was led by Two Bread Tom on a patched-up pre-war ship.