What happened to the Alexandrov Red Army Choir?

What happened to the Alexandrov Red Army Choir?

On 25 December 2016, its artistic director, Valery Khalilov, and 63 other members of the Ensemble were killed in the Russian Defence Ministry aircraft crash of a 1983 Tupolev Tu-154 into the Black Sea just after takeoff from the southern resort city of Sochi, Russia.

What genre of music is the Red Army Choir?

The Alexandrov Ensemble/Genres

When was the Red Army Choir founded?

The Russian Red Army Choir was founded in 1926 and was based in Moscow.

How would you compare the US military to Russia?

USA vs Russia 1 Manpower. Add the country with the highest active military personnel. Add the country with the highest reserve forces. 2 Navy. Add the country with the highest number of naval ships. 3 ☢ Nuclear weapons. The first country to develop and to military use nuclear warheads in the world. 4 Military service

Why do the US and Russia fight so differently in combat?

One reason is organizational resiliency: if a Russian platoon loses a vehicle, it loses one third of its combat power. If an American platoon loses a vehicle, it only loses a quarter of its firepower. A Russian platoon that loses two vehicles is reduced to a single vehicle. U.S. mechanized vehicles are also superior to their Russian counterparts.

Who are the US and Russia’s ground forces?

Heavily mechanized and salted with combat veterans, the U.S. Army and Russian Ground Forces have spent the better part of the last fifteen years not only chasing guerrillas from Afghanistan to Syria, but also fighting conventional-style wars in Iraq and Georgia.

How effective are Russian motor rifle forces compared to American infantry?

At the platoon level, Russian motor rifle forces add no additional firepower except for a single designated marksman armed with a SVD rifle, nor does it add additional vehicles. A motor rifle or airborne platoon of three squads consists of three vehicles plus dismounts. Russian infantry have some advantages over their American counterparts.