What happened to the Tiri?

What happened to the Tiri?

Pirate radio On 28 January 1968 disaster struck as the Tiri attempted to negotiate its way into Whangaparapara Harbour on Great Barrier Island in foul weather. The ship ran aground on rocks, with Radio Hauraki disc jockey Paul Lineham keeping listeners up-to-date with running commentary.

What channel is Rnz?

Channel 50
RNZ National is on Channel 50.

What is the Hauraki station?

Radio Hauraki
About Radio Hauraki The station for great New Zealanders. For over 50 years Radio Hauraki is continuing to be New Zealand’s rebellious, irreverent radio station that doesn’t take anything too seriously – except for the music. We play the best rock, past and present.

How can I listen to RNZ online?

Listen live As well as streaming via the RNZ website (or the app, see below), you can live stream audio in most third-party players (eg iTunes, VLC) by using the following urls: RNZ National – http://radionz-ice.streamguys.com/national.mp3. RNZ Concert – http://radionz-ice.streamguys.com/concert.mp3.

What FM station is Triple J?

2JJJ 105.7 FM
triple j, 2JJJ 105.7 FM, Sydney, Australia | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

What frequency is Freeview NZ?

There are two main up-links – the original one from Sky in Auckland, on transports 3 @ 12519 MHz, 5 @ 12644 MHz or 6 @ 12671 MHz and the one from TVNZ’s Avalon comm hub in Lower Hutt, with channels broadcast on either Freeview transport 21 @ 12456 MHz or 22 @ 12483 MHz.

How reliable is RNZ?

RNZ International provides a reliable account of Pacific and New Zealand affairs for relay and use by broadcasters, listeners and online users within the Pacific and beyond. It provides an essential source of information in the event of natural disasters or breakdowns in local communication services.

What is Radio New Zealand (RNZ)?

The main station from Radio New Zealand, or RNZ, is Radio New Zealand National broadcasting news reports, interviews and feature programmes. Another station from RNZ is Radio New Zealand Concert broadcasting jazz and classical music, as well as news updates.

What are the different FM frequencies in New Zealand?

RNZ Frequencies (* = Community operated transmitters) 1 National AM 981 2 National FM 101.5 3 Concert 98.3

Is radio still a thing in New Zealand?

Yes, radio is still alive in New Zealand and going strong with almost 30 radio networks and countless local stations. There’s a station for almost anything, serving New Zealand’s ethnic minorities to Maori iwi (tribes) to religious groups.

What are the Best Dance radio stations in New Zealand?

A dance radio station broadcast to New Zealand’s major cities, George FM plays dance music particularly electro, drum & bass, dubstep, hip-hop, house and other dance genres. They also have a programme schedule with regular presenters.