What happens in chapter 5 of Tom Sawyer?

What happens in chapter 5 of Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 5: The Pinch-bug and His Prey Bored, Tom takes from his pocket a box containing a “pinchbug,” or a large black beetle. The insect pinches him and slips from his grasp to the middle of the aisle at the same time that a stray poodle wanders into the church.

What did Tom call a starter?

Suddenly he discovered something. One of his upper front teeth was loose. This was lucky; he was about to begin to groan, as a “starter,” as he called it, when it occurred to him that if he came into court with that argument, his aunt would pull it out, and that would hurt.

Who was Tom’s aunty?

Aunt Polly
Tom’s aunt and guardian. Aunt Polly is a simple, kindhearted woman who struggles to balance her love for her nephew with her duty to discipline him. She generally fails in her attempts to keep Tom under control because, although she worries about Tom’s safety, she seems to fear constraining him too much.

What panicked Sid?

Sid was panic stricken when he saw his half-brother Tom groaning and moaning in pain. He rushed downstairs to Aunt Polly and told her to rush to Tom immediately as Tom was dying. He had decided to fool his Aunt by saying that his toe was mortified as he had once heard a doctor talking of such an ailment.

What made Tom groan pain?

Did Tom Sawyer go to his own funeral?

Thinking about death has me thinking about my funeral. Sawyer, to my less than learned belief, attended his own funeral. It was a practical joke which some somber consequences. The town where this jokester held his reign of terror, after cussing at and enduring him for ages, was sad to see him go.

What made Tom Sawyer off?

Tom was so enraptured by her beauty that he promptly forgot all about his previous girlfriend. Tom’s first move was to act like he didn’t know Becky was watching him. Then he pretended he did not know she was present, and began to ‘show off’ in all sorts of absurd boyish ways, in order to win her admiration.