What is a 1921 Stutz Bearcat worth?

What is a 1921 Stutz Bearcat worth?

The price? $594,000, including premiums.

How much is a Stutz Bearcat car worth?

Stutz Models

Bodystyles Median Sale
6-Passenger Touring $104,500
Bearcat $536,000

How fast was a Stutz Bearcat?

The Bearcat was capable of speeds up to 80 mph. Stutz wasn’t content to leave that alone though, and introduced a new four-cylinder for 1917. The updated engine featured four valves per cylinder and made 80 horsepower….Drivetrain Specifications.

Type Wisconsin Straight 4
Top Speed 130 KM/H (81 MPH)

What happened Stutz Bearcat?

For 1923, the roadster was renamed the Bearcat, but the name would again disappear in 1924. The Bearcat name was reintroduced in 1931. The depression had not been kind to Stutz, so the name was used as a way to boost sales. Stutz production ended in 1934.

Where was the Stutz Bearcat built?

Stutz with his friend, Henry F Campbell, began building Stutz cars in Indianapolis in 1911. They set this business up after a car built by Stutz in under five weeks and entered in the name of his Stutz Auto Parts Co was placed 11th in the Indianapolis 500 earning it the slogan “the car that made good in a day”.

Is Chasing Classic Cars real?

While the cars and the restorations done in the show are all real, the show does hold back certain things from the viewers. Any real car enthusiast would love to come across a classic car barn find and restore it back to the beauty it was meant to be.

Who owns the Stutz Building in Indianapolis?

Turner Woodard
Turner Woodard, who has owned the Stutz Factory since 1992, has reached a deal with New York-based real estate firm SomeraRoad Inc., though financial terms were not disclosed. The Stutz Factory includes five, four-story buildings connected by bridges.