What is a 3 axis microlight?

What is a 3 axis microlight?

Normally a traditional layout; wing, fuselage and tail. Many design combinations are possible; high-wing, low-wing, biplane as well as monowheel, tailwheel and tricycle undercarriage.

What license do I need to fly a microlight?

National Private Pilot’s Licence
There is a new licence called the NPPL (M) which stands for National Private Pilot’s Licence for Microlights. This licence is issued to you by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) after you have completed the training course and passed the required flight and ground examinations.

Can you do aerobatics in a microlight?

Fixed-wing Microlights are still aircraft in the traditional sense. Almost all of them have enclosed cabins, a stick and very typical basic aircraft instruments which are the same across all aircraft. They’re strong, sturdy with incredibly reliable engines and some can even give you the extra thrill of aerobatics too.

Do you need a medical to fly a microlight?

NPPL Pilot Medicals Quite simply, if you are fit enought to drive a car, you’re fit enough to fly a microlight. Their standard is that of the DVLA Group 1 Ordinary Driving Licence (ODL) and you must not suffer or have suffered from a list of specified medical conditions.

Do you need a rating for aerobatics?

There are no certifications, ratings or endorsements required, and anyone can teach aerobatics – CFI not required.

Can you glide a microlight?

If the engine stops when you’re flying a microlight, the microlight becomes a hang glider. It will still fly. The pilot must find a paddock to safely land in.

How far can you fly in a microlight?

Distances. In the right conditions a range of up to 300 miles can be expected from the ‘Quantum’. Some aircraft can travel much further.

Can you fly a plane without a license UK?

Pilot Licensing For Microlights. To fly a microlight in the UK you must hold a Pilot’s Licence. Read on for more details of The National Private Pilot’s Licence (NPPL). The NPPL is a UK specific pilot’s licence developed in 2002.

Can microlights fly at night?

You can also still fly at night with an SSEA rating if you have a valid Night rating. You can maintain your hours for SSEA by flying microlights as long as you complete at least 1 hour on each type that you wish to keep valid.