What is a Level 1 executive Consultant Rodan and Fields?

What is a Level 1 executive Consultant Rodan and Fields?

When you achieve a minimum of $100 SV and $600 Personally Sponsored Level 1 Volume (PSL1V) in a single month, you promote to Executive Consultant (EC) in the following month and have the opportunity to earn Personal Team commissions in that month and subsequent months.

What does a Level 5 Rodan and Fields consultant make?

The salary trajectory of a Premier Level V Independent Consultant ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at $92,000 per year and goes up to $144,064 per year for the highest level of seniority.

What is Level 3 Rodan and Fields?

Executive Consultant
Achieving this title is a critical milestone in the Rodan + Fields leadership journey. Maintaining a status of a paid as Level II EC and supporting the promotion of two additional Consultants in your Personal Team to ECs through product sales, promotes you to a Level III Executive Consultant (LIII EC).

What does PSQV mean in Rodan and Fields?

PSQV – Personally Sponsored Qualifying Volume. With respect to a Consultant, the Qualifying Volume of all online sales of R+F Products made: ▪ to Personally Sponsored Preferred Customers; and ▪ by Personally Sponsored Consultants or to their Retail Customers.

What is Level 5 Rodan and Fields?

LEVEL V ARRIVAL AWARD PROGRAM The Rodan + Fields® Dermatologists Level V Arrival Award Program is an on-going program designed to recognize and celebrate Executive Consultants for the achievement of reaching and sustaining the Level V Executive Consultant (LV EC) Recognition and Paid As Titles.

What is Rodan and Fields Level 5?

What is qualifying volume?

Qualifying Volume (QV) is the measurement used to meet the executive consultant minimum. requirements. As discussed above, this number is (in most cases) the SAME from country to country so. that the minimum qualifications for Executive Consultant and beyond are as equal as possible, regardless. of product pricing.

How much do top earners make at Rodan and Fields?

The very top consultants and highest earners from 2018 data topped out making over $1.2 million that year — but those consultants only comprise less than 0.1% of the total consultant pool.

How much commission do Rodan and Fields Consultants make?

Consultant Commissions: 10% Commission on all Level 1 Volume. Retail Profit: From your Retail Customers and Preferred Customers. Achieving this title is a critical milestone in the Rodan + Fields leadership journey.

How much commission do Rodan and Fields consultants make?

What is Rodan and fields?

Rodan and Fields is a direct sales and marketing company that specializes in skin care products. It was founded in 2007 by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.

How many Rodan + Fields consultants made at least one Commission?

In 2016 Rodan + Fields had 286,709 consultants enrolled in their business opportunity. Of these 161,361 or 56.28% received at least one commission payment in 2016. The remaining 125,348 or 43.72%, earned no commission at all from Rodan + Fields.

What is the qualifying volume (QV) on my Rodan + Fields account?

In order to qualify for this payment, you will need to meet the monthly quota of 100 points of ‘qualifying volume’ (QV) on your Rodan + Fields consultant account. Rodan+ Fields sometimes calls it Sales Volume (SV), Commissionable Volume (CV), or Personally Sponsored Qualifying Volume (PSQV).

How do I earn from selling Rodan + Fields products?

You can earn a retail margin from selling Rodan + Fields products to customers. Sales can be made in person or over the internet (as long as they purchase using your personal R+F web link). You can earn up to 33% from one off sales and up to 16% from ‘preferred customers’ who sign up to receive a monthly supply of Rodan + Fields products.