What is a Michigan business entity?

What is a Michigan business entity?

There are four main types of business entities in Michigan: Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations, and Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s). Business owner’s may have a “doing business as” (DBA) on file with the county, but there is no formal business entity. The upside of this form of business is simplicity.

How do I reinstate my LLC in Michigan?

To restore your Michigan LLC, you’ll need to submit the following to LARA:

  1. a completed Certificate of Restoration of Good Standing (CSCL/CD-770) or your own document with the same information.
  2. all missed annual reports.
  3. a $50 filing fee plus $25 for each annual report filed.

What is a Michigan corporation number?

Grand River Ave. mail center and forwarded to us….Contact the Corporations Division.

E-mail us at [email protected]
Division Telephone Number Fax Number
Business Services 517-241-6470 517-241-0538
Document Review 517-241-6470
Trademarks 517-241-6470

Who is the business entity owner?

A business entity owner is one or more people who establish an organization — a business entity — that carries on a trade or business venture. There are several main types of business entities with different legal and tax implications, and deciding on a business entity requires close scrutiny.

Is your business owned by a business entity?

At a very basic level, a business entity simply means an organization that has been formed to conduct business. However, the type of entity you choose for your business determines how your company is structured and taxed. For example, by definition, a sole proprietorship must be owned and operated by a single owner.

What is business entity search?

Business Entity Search allows for searches of the State of Michigan Corporations Division database. How Business Entity Search Works The following is required to use Business Entity Search: JavaScripting must be turned on

How do I contact the Michigan Department of corporations?

Our objective is to not disrupt the services and support that you receive from the Corporations Division Team. As such, we ask for your understanding during this state of emergency and provide your questions by email to: [email protected], and we will respond as quickly as possible. You may also contact us at 517-241-6470.

What does the Corporations Division do in Michigan?

The Corporations Division promotes economic development and growth by facilitating the formation of business entities in Michigan. The Division provides services that enable corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships to be formed, and for foreign entities to obtain a certificate of

Where can I find information about Regulatory Reinvention in Michigan?

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