What is a phantom in dosimetry?

What is a phantom in dosimetry?

The phantom includes anthropomorphic components representing an average human thorax. It consists of real tissue equivalent materials to fulfill the requirements for dosimetric experiments and imaging purposes. The different parts of the torso (lungs, chest wall, and ribs) and the tumor can move independently.

What is a phantom in radiotherapy?

Mosby’s Medical Dictionary defines a phantom as “a mass of material similar to human tissue used to investigate the effect of radiation beams on human beings. Phantom materials can range from water to complex chemical mixtures that faithfully mimic the human body as it would interact with radiation” [1].

What is dosimetric verification?

The basic methods of dosimetric verification with physical measurement are point dosimetry, when the reference dose is given at a point by planning software, and volumetric dosimetry, when planning software gives the dose as a volumetric configuration.

What is phantom in CT scan?

Imaging phantom, or simply phantom, is a specially designed object that is scanned or imaged in the field of medical imaging to evaluate, analyze, and tune the performance of various imaging devices.

What are phantom scans?

It is not uncommon for a study sponsor to request a “test scan,” “dummy scan” or “phantom scan” prior to site approval. These are specialized scans that the sponsor uses to judge whether or not our imaging protocols meet their quality standards.

What is dosimetric planning?

Dosimetry planning is the process of determining the amount, rate, and distribution of radiation. emitted from a source of ionizing radiation, based on the physician’s prescription for a specific patient.

What is calibration phantom?

A calibration phantom is often a cylinder, or plate with densities of already known values. They are utilized in quality control to ensure images are reconstructing the imaged phantom to the correct density values. Deviation from these values can indicate a need for imaging equipment service.

What is phantom model?

Abstract: Phantom is the rather esoteric name given to models that mimic the response of a subject to an external agent under investigation. Such studies became part of the design of antennas of hand-held transceivers used for mobile communication. …

What are ultrasound phantoms made of?

Ultrasound phantoms made of gelatin covered with hydrocolloid skin dressing.

What is the purpose of a dosimetry badge?

What does the dosimeter do? A radiation dosimeter or badge does not provide protection but detects and measures radiation that you have been exposed to. The badge will detect high-energy beta, gamma or x-ray radiation.

What is a CT phantom?

NIST developed phantoms to improve CT scans, which use computer processing to combine multiple X-ray images into three-dimensional (3D) slices of the body that may reveal cancers or disease.