What is a stanza?

What is a stanza?

Definition, Usage, and Literary Examples Stanza (STAN-zuh) refers to a group of lines that forms the basic unit in a poem. Think of a stanza as the equivalent of a paragraph in prose.

How many lines does a Spenserian stanza have to have?

The Spenserian stanza has requirements beyond a count of nine lines: it must be written in iambic pentameter for the first eight lines and end with a single line in iambic hexameter.

What is a stanza break in free verse?

Stanzas in Free Verse. In free verse—or, poetry without meter or rhyme scheme—the stanza is a unit that is defined by meaning or pacing, rather than by meter or rhyme. In other words, a stanza break may be used in free verse to create a pause in the poem, or to signal a shift in the poem’s focus.

Where can I find resources about stanzas?

Other Helpful Stanza Resources 1 The Wikipedia Page on Stanza: A somewhat technical explanation, including various helpful examples. 2 The dictionary definition of Stanza: A basic definition that includes a bit on the etymology of stanza (in Italian it means “room,” or “stopping place.”) 3 A short video explaining stanzas in under a minute.