What is a T5 HO bulb?

What is a T5 HO bulb?

“HO” stands for high output. T5 HO lamps deliver more light than standard T5 lamps and are available in higher wattages. HO lamps have the same diameter and length as standard T5 lamps.

Are all T5 bulbs ho?

T5 light bulbs are available in high efficiency and high output options. For example, a F54T5HO lamp uses 54 Watts and delivers a high light output.

What is the difference between T5 and T5 HO?

The T5 and T5 HO are the same size, but have different outputs. The T5 has an output of 2,900 lumens, similar to the T8 output. The T5 HO has up to 5,000 lumens. With the T5 HO lamps, fewer lamps can be used on projects, which save money due to less maintenance.

How long is a T5 HO bulb?


4FT T5 HO Fluorescent Tubes 2FT & 4FT T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture
Length 4 feet 2 feet & 4 feet
Power 24W 24 & 54 watt/bulb
CCT 3000K & 6500K 6500K

Are LED lights better than T5?

LEDs also offer increased light efficiency when dimmed as opposed to T5 fixtures and usually produce more lumens per watt in general, which decreases energy usage and thus, energy costs. A lower wattage of LED luminaire will usually be just as efficient, sometimes more, as a higher wattage T5 lamp.

What is the wattage of T5 fluorescent tube?

T5 lamps are available for standard output and high output. The wattages for standard T5 lamps are 14, 21, 28, and 35 watts. The high-output T5 (T5 HO) lamps are available in 24, 39, 54, and 80 watts (49-watt T5 HO lamps are also available from GE Lighting).

How long do T5 fluorescent tubes last?

Time: With typical daily photo periods of 8-12 hours, T5 bulbs carry the average life-span is 9-12 months. If it’s been more than 12 months since your last bulb change, it’s probably time for a change.